Monday, October 5, 2009

Worst Floods

The Karnataka floods that claim to kill 139 and cause 10K crore damage has disrupted North Karnataka. Several trains also have been redirected or cancelled. Some of my colleagues who are returning from dusserha vacations have their trains delayed. Another friend said that his colleague cannot return to Bangalore from North India unless he gets train tickets.

The government recently declared drought in several places. Due to 'less rains', the government did not have enough food, electricity and everything was dependent on rains. When it poured, they are totally unprepared. The floods are regarded worst in 100 yrs.

Was chatting my friends on these lines: If only India employs the best brains and those from IIT's, cannot we reform our country in five years? Looks like Chandigarh is a well planned city and they never have such issues. I checked Wikipedia to learn that its India's first planned city.

Looks like linking rivers is also not a good option as a toxic river could pollute the non-toxic river.First of all, why do we have toxic rivers? If Gujarat's par river contaminated with Mercury and Yamuna is a dirty and poisonous river, are we not supposed to do something about it, first? Why do we need to link all the rivers?

There is more of political context to not linking the rivers. The states are pointing at each other when there is no water.  Now, they do the same when the floods kill each other!

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