Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jayanagar's Gifted MLA - BN Vijayakumar

If anyone finds Bangalore's Jayanagar a model constituency, full credits to the MLA BN Vijayakumar.  I had a couple of opportunities to interact with this gentleman and he was very friendly.  I also need to mention that I also had several opportunities to interact with his personal secretary Mr.Chennagiri, who looked into the every issue that we took to him when the officials failed. Once I attended the Janaspandana in Jayanagar through a last minute invite and I was the 100th person to share my concerns.  (In the adjacent picture, I am in dark blue shirt sitting 2nd from left). Now, the MLA also has made something unique to his ward, probably - every street's sign board has his name and the area corporator's contact number; I do not recall seeing this in other constituencies. He also the first one to initiate the bicycle tracks.
When you walk along the Jayanagar streets, you may also see pedestrian friendly speed break-cum-pedestrian footpaths. There are more.  Looking forward more from this gentleman. You may also visit -

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