Thursday, April 7, 2011

Incidents and Coincidence

Incident #1 Today morning, before leaving bed, looking at deep sleep Diya, I was telling myself “I should never be tough with Diya for her mischiefs;  because children are not from us, they are through us”.  I read this quote several months back.

Incident #2  Yesterday and day before, I was in Hyderabad and was closely following Swami’s health report in media. I was having few questions in my mind.

This morning, I picked Dr.Wayne Dyer’s book “Change your thoughts; change your Life” which reflects Tao principles. An excellent book.

Coincidence#1   One of the random pages that  I opened talked about the quote “children are not from us; they are through us”.  I was stunned because that was the quote I told myself hardly 10 min back. And I was reading that quote several months back in some other book.

Coincidence #2  In the same book, this has been mentioned:  One of Swami’s devotee Ms.Radhika Kinger had written a letter to Dr.Wayne Dyer on Sai Baba.  That was the time Swami was confined to wheel chair.  She had asked Swami why He could not cure himself.  For which Baba responded “My Life is My Message. Pain is a natural phenomenon. But suffering is a choice. I do not suffer as I am not the body”.     A relevant message coming to me through this book in current Baba’s health context.