Saturday, January 30, 2010

Clinic Doctors; Every day heroes

You fall sick and you think of a neighbourhood clinic and your favorite doctor is there.  Sometimes you travel from one area to another area to meet the doctor.

Most of the clinics are very small that even your bathroom and the spiritual room would be bigger.  All that clinic need to have is a private room to see the patient and a small waiting area with plastic chairs.  You can make out the brands the doctor endorse from the colourful pamphlets that the medical representatives have offered.

But why do I call them 'every day heroes':  because he is someone whom you almost surrender to when you or your parents or your kid fall sick. When you come back home, with the prescription and the pills, you almost carry a confidence, that 'this (ailment) too shall pass'.

Have you noticed that whenever you waited in the small area, the other patients also have similar ailments - seasonal flu. When you cough, someone orchestrates to your tune and you hear an accompanying cough. If you were wearing sweater, you see the other guy also has a similar attire.

I never found a clinic doctor talking over mobile phone - never distracted. But you will see the other professionals getting or making calls during the duty hours.

We have a family doctor, and also our family friend in our native place. We also got to a doctor in Bangalore,  next to our house who happened to be of my native origin. The paedtrician where we take our kid is very friendly and Tamil speaking.

The Bangalore doctor is very old, and so disciplined and he does not allow anyone talking as they wait. Mobile ringing and conversations are discouraged.  The first thing he would say is 'Dont take bath!' (such advices are boon to me). His clinic is very simple, dull looking and no high tech gadgets. Another paedtrician whom I met recently had a title 'Adolescent consultant' - something I came across the first time.

Some doctors charge as less as Rs.30. While in hospitals, they - the same doctor - charge Rs.200. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Health & Fitness Goals

I began this year with detoxified body through Ayurvedic treatment. I get very good sleep whenever my body demands. Unfortunately, the back boils keep erupting, will check with Ayurvedic doctor soon.

Starting this Republic Day, I am going to be a Health Freak. I am planning to regularize few activities in my life:


  • Start my day with meditation and breathing exercises (Balcony)

  • Green Tea (weekdays), Coffee (weekends)

  • Go for a morning walk / jogging

  • A raw protein-egg (branded) everyday (at home)

  • Have a cup of Museli (nuts) (at office)

  • Silva Mind Control exercise before sleep


  • Use of weights for strengthening upper portion of the body

  • Saturdays: Visit office Gym for a 2 hour exercise (5 am to 7 am)


  •  Check BP 


  • Blood Donation

  • Ayurveda Massage

  • Will revisit this plan and rhythm as needed


  • Dental, ENT checkups

  • Detoxification, Rejuvenation treatment


I have found the less-known Google Health website. Every user can profile himself and have all his health information stored on this site. I am planning to scan every record of my family and store it here. Also, doctor's contacts details, emergency contacts etc.  However, some of this services as part of this page not common in India, may be thats why its still Google Beta.

When you see me in April 2010, you will see a fresh, vibrant guy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fantasy and Innovation

Yesterday, invented a new story for my kid where in a toy shop has everything 'magic'. 

* The entrance steps of the toy shop are made of Piano, and makes music

* The welcoming security guard, the person who offers juice, and the supporting personnel are all toys

* The lift within in the shop is again a toy room and not real lift

* The real lift is a dinosaur where people can climb and slide on its body

* The magic cap unwinds itself to an umbrella on a button press on the wrist watch

* The magic Goggles runs video of  Dora The Explorer and Chotta Bheem on each of the eye panels

* The pair of shoes helps one run like a car with voice commands: START, STOP, GO, SLOW, FAST

Though it came an instant invention of sequence of ideas, when put together as a story, my kid asked for a repeat almost 5 times in less than 24 hours.

This reminds me of how Polaroid camera was invented.

"Can I see the pictures, Daddy?" asked the three-year old daughter of Edwin Land in 1944. The Land family had been vacationing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Edwin had taken pictures of the family at one of Santa Fe's tourist attractions. His daughter wanted to see the pictures right away. Edwin tried to explain to his daughter that the film had to be developed in a special place called a dark room. He told her the negatives had to be printed on special paper before they could be seen. This process usually took several days to complete. He saw his daughter's disappointment. Edwin Land used her disappointment as the inspiration for his next invention. That led to research of Polaroid Camera.

Will my story fantasies will lead to new inventions; some must be already in Japan, I guess.

(s)Hit songs or MuSick

Some of the popular hit songs have catchy, peppy tunes but do not have good lyrics - atleast not suitable for the children to listen. They do not have good usage of language either. Because, the producer wanted it, because the actor has an image, because the fans want it, because the music director has the stuff, such music is embedded into the film. The carnatic-music-trained kids pick these songs, sing them in competitions, orchestra, and all public functions and the family enjoys the kids' talent.  The lady singer has a manly voice to give a peppy feel, so all the kids sing so. Like National Awards for the best, can someone derecognize such songs - our industry is producing so much song every year and 80% of them being junk. Enough of MuSick.

Republic Day Celebration

India celebrates Republic Day on 26th January. 

Unfortunately, patriotism and terrorism are always spoken together. Terror attacks are 'expected' on the republic day. Defence Minister says (link) that India should be prepared to face more attacks. Who would come out to celebrate? We would rather have our eyes glued to the television programmes - full of movie toasts.

Today's newspaper was full of sales offer advertisements - 'Republic day offers'. For a man like me with compulsive buying habits, staying back at home is the only therapy recommended.

Tuesday is a national holiday and Monday has been taken for granted for a vacation to have a long weekend.  Feburary would be a dry month without any holidays.

Again coming back to patriotism, looks like some 75000 police will be deployed to protect the nation. Our city railway station does not have basic protection; what are they going to protect?  For that particular day, our trains will have armed polices. Poor deployment of technology also another drawback of ours. And think of our politicians, and other big shots who sponsor the terrorism directly or indirectly.  And politicians like Bal Thackeray very strongly believe (see link) "the remote control of politics" is with them.

When I read History and Geography, I did not get to know about politics so much, because both newspaper and TV were not common. 

But now, that 'breaking news' flashing every now and then of all the negative news around us, what would be the young generation would think of India?  Is that the reason, they fly outside the country?

Tough 10 days

I had a very tough 10 days; it was very stressful. I think I did a balancing act. My patience, my values, and my sleep everything was tested. I believe I kept my cool.

I was holding to myself with the help of all my life skills - like NLP, Alpha mindset, etc.

I also reminded myself that I have a very big future with all the things I am doing - I do not have the results now; but I have the efforts going now. Yes, I am going strong. With some stressful moments, and sleepless nights, I had body heat, hair fall and boils on my back.

I may be sounding too vague - but I cannot go too public :-)

My blackberry which has all my address book contacts has gone for service. So, I feel slightly hanidcapped.

The School Bus

School Bus in Bangalore is not better than a van or a matador. They ply like any other vehicle on this road.

The drivers, the management, do not realize the school bus is very special because it carries kids. Neither the city administration nor the police cares about. 

My observations are that school buses ply in high speed like any other vehicle, either in race with other vehicles, or because the road is free or to catch up with the green signal.  The kids do not have support mechanism to hold on to, especially those in the brim of the seats. The aayaa (the attender lady) serves as the conductor. The driver starts the bus moment the kid is put onto the bus even before ensuring the kid finds a seat. Sometimes the bus is overloaded.

The bus fees for 12 months when the school is for only 10 months is a different theme.

Also, in the days of chaos and uncertainty, shouldnt the technology be the answer to some of these?  The bus can have GPS to be tracked. Camera inside the bus transmitted to the school will tell how safe the kids are.

Unlike in other countries, overtaking a school bus is not a crime here.

Beyond school buses, many send their kids in cabs, matadors, autorickshaws etc. The autorickshaws suddenly get mushroomed with school bags and beyond-the-capacity kids.

The police and the government will create 'new rules' only when some 'mega accidents' happen and that too when it gets media attention.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Struggling with what I procrasinate...

I am recording the minutes that spanned from months to weeks to minutes on a certain task I am hating to do. Because I hate, I procrastinate. I try everything else other than that task - watch cricket, read books, visit loo repeatedly, play with my kid, eat snacks, surf regular websites, read more news, write-check mails, and so on. I disrupt my sleeping pattern, just allowing myself to be literally not-sleeping over the task. I donot want to run away from doing it. But I am not perfect at doing that task. Whatever may come, let me face it. But I notice, I get defensive, become calculative, and plan how to handle. Is this the same situation school children would be, which make them ultimately break or speak lies?  Ah, school children! I wish I bring in a system that makes no school children guilty of anything.

Let me march forward!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Eight Pillars - Introductory Chapter

வளத்தின் அடிப்படை ஒழுக்கமாகும். ஆனால், சொத்து வளம் என்பதே ஏமாற்று வேலை, திருட்டு, கள்ளத் தனம், pera

2010: First 10 days

The First week (just 3 days) and the second week just swifted past. What did I do? I think these first 10 days were foggy - I did not mean the climate, the beginning was too lazy. But I have my goals slated separately for each of the areas. 

  • Took my family to a star hotel for the new year treat; its one of the ways, I think, for me to thank them.

  • Added two nice pink drapes to the hall

  • Gifted my mentor with some good titles on his birthday; he was excited. I am glad that I am able to be in touch with him

  • I went in full swing to support my role in the apartment association as the security focal. Created guidelines and had a pep talk with the security guards

  • I also made my commitment to the public (my near and dear ones) on my translation effort (8pillars)

  • Career - Anyway I will not be logging anything official here.

  • Finance - The newspaper ad's continue to make me feel guilty. But by not buying things, I am saving a huge money.

  • Cleared several clutters at home. Will continue to bank on it.

  • Could not do much to my living area - JP Nagar - as my contact numbers are stuck with my blackberry that is under repair. I continue to see the garbage(with loads of polythene), traffic signals do not have amber-to-green, street lights on in slum area, pedestrian cross yet to put up; will take up things when my contact numbers are available to me back.

  • My health is getting full % attention from me; in continuation of the detoxification therapy I had the previous week

  • One book that is acting as a guiding force now is 'Man's search for meaning'.  Other one is James Allen's titles.

  • I also learnt to say No when I did not want to say Yes

  • Stopped the security guy from cleaning my car; doing on my own


Sometimes, I set myself an alarm for 1 am or 2 am just to think on a subject. I know its crazy, but there is a magic behind it. Today -Now - its 1.30 am. I set alarm for 00::45am; but something woke me up at midnight. Then I told myself that I have another 45 minutes. In a semi-sleepy mood, what I saw was nightmarish. I saw two or three non-related subjects getting connected in some fashion. Is it a story spun by the neurons or by the cosmic forces? or that of a tired brain?  Those unrelated things - my old friend - my colleagues - a movie actor - a neighbour's in law - police - another movie actor - my father, my kid and myself.  Wondering, if I could dig to see whats happening at the subconscious level?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

12 Focus Finders

In Kumudham weekly, I read about the book "The shark and the goldfish". While searching for the book reviews online, I came across a site (  meant for entrepreneurs. It has a beautiful article on drawing analogy between car driving and business running. It provides list of 12 questions as thinking framework, as focus finders which everyone will be able to appreciate. Those 12 focus finders are here:

    * Where did you begin your journey?

    * What are you driving in? Got your bumper stickers?

    * Who else is in your car?

    * Are you wearing your seat belt? Carrying proper insurance?

    * Checking the rear view mirror?

    * Looking at your side mirrors?

    * Do you have gas in your car?

    * Check your speedometer!

    * Is your check engine light on?

    * The traffic lights are everywhere.

    * Watch the road signs along the way.

    * Are you at your destination?

Click here to visit the article, Article on Focus Finders

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Indian Medicine

Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine practice, is greatest gift of our times. But unfortunately, we are looking for quick results for our physical problems which is available from the modern medicine. Even, the South Indian food specialities - Saambar, Rasam, and every other side dishes have an element of Ayurvedic essence in it. But since the knowledge was hidden, every new generation always turned towards modern medicine.

Kerala, has become the center of Ayurvedic medicine and practices. Every Ayurvedic center in Bangalore have the Ayurvedic treatment people from Kerala.

Ayurveda is very powerful, though slightly slow. Both Ayurveda and English medicine can complement each other. I find Panchakarma treatment very helpful, though costlier.

But given the current conditions, Ayurveda has not deep-rooted for the lower middle class and the poor community. Probably, it is available to them in the form of Muslims treating in their localities.

Ayurveda can be more popularised, less commercialised and affordable.

Friday, January 1, 2010

AIR replaces Worldspace in Airtel DTH

Yesterday, the Worldspace radio stopped its operation and we could hear some basic tune in one channel. We were sure that Airtel DTH that was offering Worldspace channels to the customers, will also do something about this.

Today morning, we wokeup to learn that AIR programs are being aired in Airtel DTH. We get two Tamil channels - AIR Tamil, AIR Ragam that exactly replaces the previous KL Radio and Shruthi channels of World space.

Wondering what to do with the radio, the long cable and the antenna? Will someone in India give life to Worldspace? 

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2010: A Compelling Future is here

To all my dear and near ones, a compelling new year is here. Its a very precious moment and a great new year has just begun!  Wish everyone a compelling future, 2010!