Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fantasy and Innovation

Yesterday, invented a new story for my kid where in a toy shop has everything 'magic'. 

* The entrance steps of the toy shop are made of Piano, and makes music

* The welcoming security guard, the person who offers juice, and the supporting personnel are all toys

* The lift within in the shop is again a toy room and not real lift

* The real lift is a dinosaur where people can climb and slide on its body

* The magic cap unwinds itself to an umbrella on a button press on the wrist watch

* The magic Goggles runs video of  Dora The Explorer and Chotta Bheem on each of the eye panels

* The pair of shoes helps one run like a car with voice commands: START, STOP, GO, SLOW, FAST

Though it came an instant invention of sequence of ideas, when put together as a story, my kid asked for a repeat almost 5 times in less than 24 hours.

This reminds me of how Polaroid camera was invented.

"Can I see the pictures, Daddy?" asked the three-year old daughter of Edwin Land in 1944. The Land family had been vacationing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Edwin had taken pictures of the family at one of Santa Fe's tourist attractions. His daughter wanted to see the pictures right away. Edwin tried to explain to his daughter that the film had to be developed in a special place called a dark room. He told her the negatives had to be printed on special paper before they could be seen. This process usually took several days to complete. He saw his daughter's disappointment. Edwin Land used her disappointment as the inspiration for his next invention. That led to research of Polaroid Camera.

Will my story fantasies will lead to new inventions; some must be already in Japan, I guess.

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