Friday, June 8, 2012

Its been a while!

Its been a while since I logged in to post my thoughts.

There was a hot summer days with guests and kids around; had some fun.

Bought new books like Personal MBA, Mathematics minus fear, Pursuit of Happyness, Flipside of Everything, The Last Man who knew everything.

I also have been experiencing a lot of coincidences happening back to back - not sure if I should and think if I have to make some solid interpretations - or just let the magic unwind itslef whenever it wanted to.

Also went through a stupid - really stupid activities like removing the sun control film from the car because "terrorists" may be in. What a nonsense rule to impose when the authorities have more than enough things do for the society.

The monsoon is setting in and if there is one reason anyone staying back in Bangalore, its for this weather.

Catch you, soon!