Sunday, November 15, 2009

Visit to Nandi Hills, Forum Mall

While I snoozed the 5.30 am alarm, I could only get up at 6.30 am. Dad reminded me that I had to be in office at 7 am. I got fresh and waited for other friends to join at office.

80 Kmph at 4th Gear drive to Nandi Hills: We had planned for Nandi Hills this morning. It was my first visit and first drive to Nandi Hills. I never tried at highest gear on the highways road. My friends guided me as I drove;  one vehicle driver advised me what should I do if I planned to drive slowly. Another one applied a sudden brake while I was wondering where to deviate. Good that he did not abuse at me as I he had to take a u-turn and I had to go straight. But while returning, I decided to go full speed, while I peaked 120 kmph, traffic police caught me for speeding with a fine of Rs.300. I asked the police to prove me that I have sped beyond 80 kmph. I got a demonstration of the video is being analyzed: my car video showed 89 kmph. Then there was a joke on me that I have mastered the driving that even police issued speeding ticket!

Nandi Hills: Though we started at 7.30, even at 9.30 we were still driving. Its far, far, and finally we reached. Everyone was hungry, we munched some cucumber and some snacks. Monkeys galore, one monkey managed to get a snacks pack from us. It was foggy all over. We walked; we saw mention of Tipu Sultan's place every where but we didnt have clue of what Tipu's relevance was. The place reminded of Kodaikaanal, a very popular hill station near Madurai (Tamil Nadu). We reached a restaurant where we had egg omlet and noodles. Then we visited the temple and we drove back. I did not expect there will be so much crowd. It was a good experience in all.  The maintenance of the area can be still improved. Toilets, Restaurants, Temple surroundings, protection from monkeys etc are some of them. We also did not have mobile signals working, it was too bad that I could not tweet!

Forum Mall:  We managed to reach Forum mall for lunch around 2.30 pm. We all were hungry. We had a good lunch and a lot of chat. After that, we went to Landmark; it was crowd every where. Every visitor in the shop was buying something; Even the book section was flooded with visitors. Eric and I shared a gift book for each other.

Then I dropped my friends at their locations and returned back home. I would like to drop dead at bed but before that had a shower (that I failed to have this morning), had dinner and some time with my kid before I wrote this blog.  Its time for bed; hope I will not have any Monday blues!

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