Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bangalore Traffic Police

I call the Police Central Complaints from my mobile by dialing - 100.  A lady always responds with 'Namaste Sir...Bangalore Police Central Complaints...".  The call attender speaks very gently, listens to us, and promise action.

I recently read in Traffic Police Commissioner Mr.Praveen Sood saying that the 2 wheelers would not be stopped for mere document checking.  But we still a lot of police stop 2 wheelers for document checking. Last saturday, I thought of talking to one of the traffic inspector directly.  Near JP Nagar 2nd Phase, I went and asked what were they checking for. There was kannada-speaking-uncle police who could not understand my English. There was another fresher-police carrying Blackberry (tech savvy!) in his hand. They clarified all the tempos and autos without uniforms would be penalized; and two wheeler riders without helmets.  Many vehicles took diversion the moment they saw the police.

Recently, I had logged a complaint on the traffice police website on foot path encroachment (near Diwakars Hospital) by the corporation vehicles. [The BBMP executive engineer Mr.Krishna Kumar had already clarified that those vehicles belong to BBMP contractor and he would not take any responsibility.]  There was not any response to my online complaint. Today, one Mr.Mari Gowda from JP Nagar Traffic police called me and said he would like to take action on those vehicles. I asked him to contact me in the evening. One Mr.Anil Kumar, a young police called me and had visited the site. I clarified the details to him over phone. He was very gentle over phone and promised removal of these vehicles by tomorrow after confirming with BBMP.

I will certainly write an appreciation letter to his senior officials, if that happens.

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