Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I enjoyed following India Test Cricket

I really enjoyed following India Vs South Africa Cricket first Test match recently. It was a fully loaded game where both the teams showed the spirit. But I would say the seem to be underdog Indian team having failed the one day series, did a great job in taking the full control of the game.
My key takeaways from the recent IND Vs SA is as below
1) We had to experiment with inexperienced irrespective of the results and its worth it.
2) A sport is a real sport only when both the sides play to the full spirit of winning
3) Test series is like a War. It needs strategies.
4)A written off team member will give his full if he is given an opportunity to prove himself.
5) Everyone should strive to be "..remembered as the guy who gave his all whenever he was on the field..."
6) A sport has a psychological element for each individual and as a team
7) Striking early is one of the strategies
8) One should not play for records; however, keep playing.

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Sunset 24-Dec-2013

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Power of Gayatri Mantra

Though we all have been introduced to various mantras in one way or the other, we do not practice them regularly. In a recent conversation with a friend, I realized Gayatri Mantra has so much power that can make so much difference to us in several ways.
Since boyhood, I have been used to question every ritual because I did not understand why we need to do certain things in certain way. Now, we have all the resources to know what is what.
I researched to some extent to understand the power of Gayatri Mantra. For this Universe, Sun is the source of energy. Whether one believes in God or not, one should workship the Sun.
Given our lifestyle, I was thinking to chant the Gayatri Mantra mentally. However, once as I was walking to office, I chanted in my lips - I could feel the vibration in my body. I recall that scientific researches have been done to measure the quantitative effect of this mantra in the form of waves.
These days I chant whenever I get distracted to align my thoughts and balance my mind.
The vibrations of Gayatri Mantra would reflect inside of our body and make a positive difference to the essential body parts - including the cellular level.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, kitten

Happy Birthday, kitten!  A new born in mom's warmth. Very touching and inspiring to see the nature's power.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bangalore Book Festival 2013

[Updated 29.11.2013 7.35 pm]  This event has been called off by the organizers.
[Updated 07.12.2013 10:05 pm] Book Fest may be held in Jan (link)
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My Original Post:
The much awaited Bangalore Book Festival 2013 will start from 29th November.  The grand event is scheduled at Tripura Vasani, Palace Grounds, Bangalore.
The exhibition is between 29th Nov - 8th Dec.
This will be the much awaited event of the year for the book lovers and bibliophiles. The event normally starts in the October and also spread for more than 2 weeks.  However, this time it happens only for 10 days.  The public will get two weekends to visit this book exhibition.
Approximately under 300 stalls, the books are expected to be in English and all Indian languages. Usually, the book stalls give a discount of 20% - this is far lesser than online shopping.  But I personally encourage buying from stores regularly to support the publishing community.
I wish the book exhibition differentiates itself beyond regular and popular books. We also would like to see rare books, unique ones. Also, bibliophiles would love to see bookshelves.  Self Publishing companies and City Libraries also should make their presence wide.
I am looking forward for the event.

[ADDED] Some more personal links:
My daughter Diya at Bangalore Book Festival 2010
Diya exploring the stage in Bangalore Book Festival 2008 (she was 2 years then)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Not a couch potato!

This dog seems to tell "Dogs are not couch potatoes; and couch potatoes are not dogs"

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Anjali (1990) Tamil Full Movie

Today I was watching few scenes of this great movie Anjali. I am reminded of few things:
1. Most of the people have healthy children
2. There are many children like Anjali but fortunately adopted by some good hearts

Very emotional movie. I will watch the whole movie on a weekend soon!

Empty Platform and Departing Train

Empty Platform and
Departing Train
The departing train and the empty platform can make anyone philosophical! Here is my poem

Until the train arrives, 
the platform is a living, 
lively place. 
When the train arrives,
everyone on the floor
gets on to a made race.
When the train departs,
some feel good,
some feel relieved.
The train does not care!
But it carries loads of
relationships and dreams.
The platform turns empty
and hearts heavier.

Fighting the craving for new SmartPhone

I am exercising my willpower more these days. There is a strong craving to buy that elusive Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Read my previous post. The price is fluctuating between 29K to 32K and I am also almost waiting like a dog for the bone.
Advertisements are really persuading.
But I started developing some more beliefs:
1. Why do I want this phone?

  • Because it has a stylus.

2. Why do you need a stylus?

  • Because my identity is a writer. I am currently writing in laptop, smartphone and papers and notebooks and my work is scattered everywhere. Note 2 will help collate everything in one place.

3. What is the bad side?

  • I may be constantly glued to the phone.
  • I will tend to be online forever - which I hate doing it.
  • I will miss talking to people on the transport.
  • I will not observe anything else.
  • I will not think.

4. Is 30K worth?

  • May not be now.  I will establish myself an author, and then reward myself with this smartphone.

5. What do I do now?

  • I think I will use my current resources well. Even my humble 512MB RAM is good enough. Will accomplish something great, conquer the field and reward myself. PERIOD. No second thought of buying Note 2 for the next few months.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Despite Everything!

Despite everything,
The world has become a
better place to live!
Despite noise around me,
I see music in me.
Despite smoke around me,
I smell roses surround me.
Despite burns
I sense fountain of youth
Despite tears
I hear laughs.
Early morning mood
tells me that
the world has become a
better place to live.
Its my day - today.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

For entrepreneurs

My friend lent me this book "Start up of You". It's written by the founder of LinkedIn. I just loved this book. It's not a typical self help book. I am going to buy a personal copy and few gift copies soon. The author has intelligently taken the "start-up" as the metaphor.  It's all about purpose, ownership and networking.  It's easy reading and not that heavy.  I recommend it.

Power of Intention

I am realizing the power of intention in my life and how my opportunities fall in my way. I am thrilled. I will not fear. I will stay away from negative things.

Friday, July 12, 2013

33 strategies of war

There is this bulky book "33 strategies of war".  Very impressive bind, rich in content and well organized chapters.  At the same time its not an easy read because the language puts us in a trance.  I really enjoy the section on personal strategies. Its very motivating. Rest of the chapters reminds me of "48 laws of power" by the same author. I own this book. I like few chapters for sure.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gifting Tony's books

If there is one book I cannot live without, is Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within. What a book!  I can go on and on about this book, but I wanted to first demonstrate some of the principles discussed in this book.  I think I do so. 
This one book chose me as its reader.  I want to express my gratitude in some way. I was gifting this book to a few in the past.  From now, I would be gifting this book to atleast five every month.

Saturday weather

It's a pleasant Saturday weather and the creeper in front of my home is just beautiful.

Half Year Check Post

We all are crossing half the year now. The first 6 months was really packed for me - if not in physical life, atleast how my mental abilities were kept busy. I guess I was continuously on the run. Nevertheless, physical life too was very busy. I am enjoying what I am seeing here, what I am doing here. I pulled up my socks and took control of several things - yes, several things, - in my life.
I think it all happened because I had several moments of decisions. I took decisions - what is necessary at every stage. The phase that I am passing through is temporary. But I made a very strong, positive journey for myself.
Especially, I enjoyed talking to many people and was interested to know how contrast they could be in what they know and what they do. I really spent a great deal of time with several people.
I am looking forward to make 2013 another memorable year for me.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Director Manivannan

I could not believe that Director Manivannan is no more.  Whether he did a comedy role or supporting roles like father, mentor, uncle - he became one on the screen. Some of his movies that I remember at this moment is Sangamam (சங்கமம்) , Ullathai Alli Thaa (உள்ளத்தை  அள்ளித் தா), Mudhalvan (முதல்வன்), Amaidhi Padai (அமைதி படை). Sangamam (சங்கமம்) was the best I would say. I also still remember his movie Kodi Parakkudu (கொடி  பறக்குது) . In Padayappa (படையப்பா), he did a villain role. And how can we forget Avvai Shanmugi (அவ்வை சண்முகம்)? In Thambi (தம்பி), I remember the scene often where he tells Madhavan, "I see myself in you".
Now a personal secret - the influence of Director Manivannan is so much on me that his father character made me respect a security guard so much. 

How I ended the craze on new mobiles

At this time of writing this blog, I hope I have literally ended the craze on new mobiles. I dont know if it will pop up again by the time I finish writing this.
Like everyone, the advertisements on new mobiles lure me. The recent one being the exchange offer on buying Samsung Note II.  Somehow, I like the stylus feature. I researched on net whether to buy the Note II or not. It will help me to write and save the content for my blog while on the move. Its feature rich, trendy, wide screen etc. I can replace my laptop usage to large extent. I also went and spoke to friends who already have these gadgets and they seem to be enjoying these models.
I was undecided and I had to decide before the stocks are over. Then one night, I took the following thought process and killed the chase for a new model:
1. There are enough laptops, mobiles, tabs, televisions at home. Do I really need one more?
2. A best smartphone is yet to come in the market. Do I really need to pay 27K for this gadget which will get outdated soon?
3. By buying an advanced mobile which is feature rich, I am committing myself for more usage of it. Will that put my reading habits at risk?
4. Most of my friends to whose house I visit, they spend time in front of TV instead of engaging the guest (me!). Should I allow an electronic device take away the social interaction?
5. What impression am I giving to my child by buying this not-so-needed device?
6. What would be my reaction if I lose this mobile somewhere?
7. Am I truly practicing obsolescence management in my real life?
8. Will it be worth buying some great books for that 27K instead of a mobile. (Asking this question, there was a lust and twinkle in my eyes!!!)
9. Can a cheaper 10K Indian model will solve the urge, if I really need one big smartphone?
10. How different am I from the women folks who run after the jewel designs though they already have enough?

Yes, the madness is almost gone. In another one hour, I should be getting the morning newspapers. Hope the front page advertisements do not change my mind.
But the next monster is growing by now - Need for a smartbox - to make the not-so-smart-TV a smart ones. The battle starts now.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Great Men in My Hall

I woke up one day only to realize that I have some of the greatest men that history produced, have assembled in my hall. You guessed it - the books on / written by great men. This is not a standard statement. But when I look at the books on Benjamin Franklin, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrich Nietzsche, Hellen Keller etc., I knew these are radiating special energy on my floor. Not because they are popular, but they are great people of our times.
On top of it, the books by my virtual mentor Anthony Robbins continue to guide me on everyday life. I am bibliophile, and I am feeling very responsible when I stand in front of my bookshelf.  I do not get fascinated by gold, house property, technology gadgets but the very sight of books make me a different person.
There are several great authors who have produced both best sellers and not best-selling ones. Though I can give several examples for best sellers, there are few non-best-selling books that fascinate me a lot: (1) Secret Life of Plants (2) Secret of the Soil  and few books I picked from British Library - Eating The Sun (Oliver Morton), Waste (by Tristram Stuart), Seasons of Life.
By NOT having read several good books, I know this world is immeasurable. I feel humbled at this very thought.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 things that mattered most this summer

This summer, I guess three different things that rocked India this summer.

  • One is the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL matches.
  • The other is Gold Price
  • The third one is the Scorching Sun. 

What is common about all these three?

1. Very hot to handle
2. Went up and down
3. They were all over
4. We went mad (after them)
5. All three become part of every day life
6. We were sweating because of them
7. Because of them, we almost forgot to handle other issues
8. We set aside some time for them
9.  Sometimes unpredictable
10. You guessed, all are yellow!
I heavily rely on the portal when I want to track the train timings. The website has undergone major changes in the recent times.

Some key information:

1. One can find the status of the current train running either by typing the train number or the destinations. *Remember* - If a train is running overnight, remember to select "yesterday" if the train started previous day.
2. There is a feature to check for any station, which are the trains come in the next 2 or 4 hours.
3. There is an interesting feature call which helps to track the train on Google Maps.
4. What I greatly miss is
the complete train timings schedule from source to destination which was earlier available. However, I noticed that this is available in the mobile edition.

Google Search 
However, the UI is not that intuitive. You learn this website by trial-and-error.  The link to RailRadar is not directly listed under TrainEnquiry.  However, you will find this listed in Google Search.
In addition to this, there is an interesting website called which gives some good stats about each train. We all know the trains run late. Do the authorities use these stats to improve the train performance?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bangalore Railway Stations

A puny girl risking herself
through the window
Happened to visit the Bangalore Railway stations - both City and Cantonment.

The City railway station is in a mess as there are two civic work happening in front of the station.  One is on the main road due to Metro work.  Another one is inside the station campus.  I always felt this station is neither hi-tech nor old-fashioned.  With advances in technology and infrastructure, this station still functions like that of a town. Two years back, the platforms were paved with slippery tiles which poses danger during rainy days. That thousands of people come and go everyday, this station needs big improvement and modernization.

The Cantonment railway station is small and cute and favorite one. But there are some issues -
Drinking Water;
Also a Wash Basin!
1. Crossing the road in front of railway station is a challenge. The pedestrian cross signal stopped working. Good thing is there is a cop always to guide. Every time, the cop says report to the High Grounds police station.
2. Platform tickets are issued in different places in different times.
3. Short cut to enter the platform #1 from the main road is next to station master's room. Its something dangerous and illegal as this is a threat in several ways. The railway police controls sometimes but does not restrict.
4. Stray dogs freak the platforms.
5. Drinking Water area is used as a wash basis as well. Many passengers spit inside the basin.
6. Walking on the track is something many passengers do to get to the opposite platform. Police do not control. Its irony that police were reading Kannada newspaper on Monday which had big photos and news on risks in level crossing.
7. The parking area owner does not issue tickets unless demanded.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beliefs Workshop

Another focus area is on the way - Beliefs Workshop. I am a huge fan of Belief System. Its a big theme by itself. Any treatment on beliefs will be vast. I have researched in the last few years and have developed certain viewpoints on Beliefs. Launched the Beliefs Workshop blog

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My obsession with History

I recall how much stress I went through learning the dry subject of History. The history was never interesting and the teachers could not never articulate. I could not related many things. Ok, that is history anyway.
With the advent of Wikileaks, Sting Operations and several unauthorized biographies, all that we know seem to one sided version.
On the other side, just take today's news snapshot and see for yourself what could keep the Indian Government busy. There are denials, inaction, instability.  I am worried what the future generation will learn about India.
When my frustration reached a peak, I decided to two reasonable things:  (a) To read a book on history written by a historian (b) To read the autobiography of Gandhi.
Recently my neighbour recommended Guha Ramachandra's "India After Gandhi".  I ordered one for myself and will start reading soon.
I felt ashamed when I realized that I have never Gandhi's autobiography from my heart. Gandhi was often quoted by leaders, and many favourite authors. I am giving myself Oct 2nd as the deadline for finish reading the autobiography atleast once.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kamal Haasan in Vijay TV

If there is one program that I watched "offline" on Youtube, it was Kamal Haasan's appearance in Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi in Vijay TV.  The program anchor Prakash Raj being a great fan of Kamal Haasan, showed a lot of respect and devotion throughout the programme. Also, it was not a real quiz program, it was an organized interview - there is no debate and very clear that Kamal can answer all these questions. There is no coincidences. What I liked was Kamal's brilliance and intelligence.  There is a lot to more about this legend. I just love this man.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bookmarks in style

Bookmarks at Crossword
Bookmarks at Crossword
Bookmarks are essential part of reading.  People who do not care for books, use dog ear folds (folding the corner of the page for a bookmark).   Bookmarks are fun.  Some come with message, some come with fun dose.
The recent collection I saw in Crossword are cute but expensive (Rs.400/-).  I bought one to encourage reading habit of my daughter.
I want to gift trendy bookmarks and travel lights for my dear ones on special occasions. If you find a place where I can get them cheaper, please let me know.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Making of Paradesi.

Paradesi (பரதேசி) is the recent movie by director Bala.  I stumbled upon Youtube to watch the Sun Music exclusive video on the making of this movie. I am stunned. I am going to watch this movie. I am a great fan of Director Bala - read his autobiography இவன் தான் பாலா to know him more.  Here is the embedded video of making of Paradesi.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gandhi on Forgiveness

I was struck by Gandhi's quote on Forgiveness in the morning newspaper. "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong".  In a flash of seconds, random events and people popped from past reminding me on whom I should forgive and what events I should forgive. The very word "strong" made me think if I am really strong or weak in the eyes of Gandhi.  I should mindfully reflect on it.
With this one quote, I am trying to wash my heart coated with chemicals of hatred and worries.  The strength does not lie in the biceps and triceps - its in the purity of heart.  But the world, environment, circumstances are so challenging to live up to this one single quote. But I am sure, as I grew up I did forgive people on my way (life).  I reflected upon it often and even forget about it later.  Still some cleanup needed!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samaritans on the road

Traffic Samaritans on the road!
For the past few days, I happen to see this senior citizen near the Silk Board Junction. I am sure people commuting between BTM Layout and Silk Board Junction (Bangalore),  would not have missed him. His actions are very animated. With a whistle in his mouth, he prompts the vehicles other than public buses that try to stop near the bus stops.  He also guides vehicles on the traffic to streamline. I guess he must be self-appointed traffic regulator. Hope the traffic authorities make a note of him and recognize his work in hot sun and pollution.
Like you, I was reminded of the Traffic Ramaswamy at Chennai who is a senior citizen and traffic regulator.  More on traffic ramaswamy here

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Health and Safety - Concerns

I generally donot talk about ill health to anyone.  I talk about health.  I also insist on safety.

First two safety incidents -

a) A senior citizen going for a walk was struck on middle of his head by a strong object. He fell unconscious on the road and someone rescued him and admitted him to the hospital. Nobody knows what struck him.
b) A young professional was riding fast in his new two wheeler and hit a pole in the foot path. His face split open in two halves and his jaws broke. The roadside sugarcane seller admitted him in the hospital and informed some of his recent contacts in the mobile.

Safety issues can hit young and old any time.
1. Safety issues need not happen just at the road. It can happen in the home. Also ensure your guests and visitors are not affected by your safety shortcomings.
2. If your parents are going for a walk, ensure they carry the important contact numbers, emergency medicines, and their mobile phone.
3. Now the summer is approaching, let your parents not be exposed to the hot sun. Be aware of the sun stroke.
4. We would have often heard the humble Aspirin/Anacin helps at the time of chest pain and one gets sufficient time to reach the nearest hospital.  (Check with your family doctor and get a double confirmation on this belief).

With respect to health, I have few concerns -

a) The elderly people tend to take medicines more and more without taking control on the food practice.
b) The elderly people often given up one course of treatment and move to the next one.
c) There is also a common tendency of self medication in India.  (Almost, everyone is a doctor in India !)
d) When it comes to the young and the middle-aged,  the more they know of the hotels, and food varieties, the less we know of health.  How many here can talk of protein, carbohydrates, starch?
e)  How many of my contacts would do something, on a regular basis
    (i) to prevent illness
    (ii) to gain strength / stamina
    (iii) to slow ageing
    (iv) to beat stress

In the information era, knowledge is free. We know what is good and bad.  Despite knowing burgers and coke bad to health, we reach out. We celebrate every occassion with fat. We soak our internal organs with acids, and all chemical combinations on earth. And different types of addictions and loads of justifications for those addictions.  We forget that we have to be alive and strong to support our kids till they grow and settle in life.  Yes, a young, fat professional, died of heart attack in his early 30's and he was a father of 10 month old few months back.

We have passed our exams, but we have not learned really on health.

Its a wake up call for all the readers on safety and health.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Rules for Bangalore School Buses

New rules for Bangalore school buses have been published in the newspaper today.  To be effective from 2013.


I strongly believe there is no randomness, there is only connectedness among all the living and non-living.  There is a discipline that is not expressable scientifically between all that is in the universe. I saw a dead cow on the street, hit by a vehicle. Another cow was roaming around the place, smelling the dead one - How do you explain this?  We often see a home dog getting friendly with a street dog. A dog knows when his master is returning home. Birds come to the balcony to get their morning food. There is a book 'Secret Life of Plants' that seem to research how plants communicate, experience and bond (Got through a citation, have not read this book).  We associate a lot of meaning to the river beyond the context of water. Ant has intelligence that we have seen. Termites seem to have different intelligence (more on this soon!).  There is connectedness, there is intelligence, there is no randomness.

Bookshops Roundup

This is a bookshops roundup. While I am more than regular on, I also visit bookshops looking for fresh and variety books.  Most of the bookshops that I visit are based on the proximity to my living place.

@JP Nagar 3rd Phase - I was so excited when this bookshop opened about a couple of years back.  Has good collections. The staff are friendly but less knowledgeable about books. I met many of my friends their in this shop. There were sofas to sit and read the books but the management decided to remove them. There are less children magazines, and more adult (yes!) magazines. The bookshop collects feedback often but does not implement any.  I used to take my daughter and nephews to the shop during summer. The shop runs offer sales throughout the year but items are less exciting.  They used to invite book authors - I met Tony Buzan here. 
@Koramangala - This one was a surprise when I first visited the Medimix group's hotel Cholayil Sanjeevanam and FabIndia.  Most of the comments above are applicable.
Sapna Bookhouse, Jayanagar
This shop must be everyone's favourite. It has everything like stationery, latest books, text books etc. Always crowded. The books for children are cheaper.  One of the few shops that has regional (Kannada only) books. I have once met Robin Sharma and got his book autographed here.

Landmark, Forum Mall
One of my favourite desitnation for books. If I visit Forum, its either for PVR or Landmark. Until four months back, they had two floors. When I visited yesterday, the shop has only one floor. The one at Level 1 is occupied by WestSide which again has a new avatar.  The new renewed Landmark shop has new look and feel but for the book lovers, the space is obviously reduced. The home items have vanished and is replaced by sports and fitness items.
@Garuda Mall - There was one and I used to frequent. Suddenly the showroom was closed.
@Gopalan Mall - The Gopalan Mall at Bannerghatta Road website keeps displaying Landmark Bookstore as one of the shops, but I could ever find one.

Reliance Timeout, JP Nagar
This shop was never creative, always wore a deserted look despite seasonal offers. When I visited last week, the 2nd floor is permanently closed. Death of a bookshop!

The ad that made me glad yesterday
When I moved into Bangalore 15 years back, this was my favourite. I used to spend time in Gangarams, Higginbothams, Planet Music, Food World, and Hotel Brindavan in the weekends (before getting married).
Was sad to learn that bookshop was vanishing due to Metro work at MG Road. But yesterday's ad came as a welcome news.  I should go and explore in the coming weekends.
During the academic project days and job search days, I used to visit Higginbothams at Anna Salai, Chennai. I first saw my hero Tony Robbins's books there only.  I often prayed that this bookshop in Railway stations opens 24 x 7 - they don't. I visited the Chennai branch last year - I feel the legacy is lost. The Bangalore branch at MG Road - I would say instead of Gangarams, it would have been nice if Higginbothams is gone. They dont deserve a place anymore. The lustre is lost!

Prism Book Shop
This one is opposite to the Cool Joint, Jayanagar 4th block - I dont understand what is the theme and uniqueness this bookshop has. Never crowded, No attraction.

Motilal Banarsidass
@Jayanagar 3rd Block - This one is a good bookshop for the religiously and spiritually inclined. Sad thing is they are closed on Sundays.

My general concern is that these bookshops should not die. I visit to buy books even if the sales are not there. All the online sites of these bookshops do offer discount but do not anything different to attract the visitors. They should do something very different to attract new readers.  I hate seeing in displays all the popular and hot books - the old and rare books should also be promoted enough.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Healer and the Healed

Everyone that I come across reminds me of this - He or She can serve as a healer and also has a need to heal.
Everyone is a healer and to be healed.
This spiritual mindset will bring in a lot of values. Its a compassionate world.  Through constant meditations, I can see, really see, this world is very much complete.
We all have a role to play. One role is that of the healer - do as much healing with words, service, good doings, a love touch, a small help.  Another role is to surrender - surrender to a big positive belief. Take help. Get healed of wrong doings. Correct yourself when young.  Look at someone wiser, elder to you and draw inspiration. 
If you are only a healer and do not want to get healed by others, you are refusing to be a student. 
If you are only getting healed, and do not want to heal others, you are not really paying back to the society.
Everyone is a healer and needs to be healed!

The unreported safety issues

One may think that there are more child abuse reported in the media these days.  Its not completely true.  Its an easy guess the abuse against children are happening every now and then and they were just unreported. Its just that the media light on the issues are more these days. 
I request the newspaper readers and TV viewers not to get into too much of the cases (in understanding) as that would affect the pyschology gradually. Its really dishearting to learn more and more that our fences are failing to protect our children. Rather, we as responsibile citizens should do our duties to our family and the society in ensuring the safety of our wards. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My New Health Drink - Barley Water

Mom made Barley water this morning. I and Diya had today.

I searched on the net for the benefits of Barley water.  Wow - there are many!

The nutritients in Barley helps in various treatments - for Kidney, Intestine and Diabetes related.  It also helps in reducing the weight.

For the visitor's ready reference, sharing this link.

Dhyan's Blog

Here is our second baby Dhyan and he has a blog too. Please regularly visit the blog of Dhyan.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Public friendly police

The JP Nagar police had invited all the apartment office bearers for a security and safety related issues in the JP Nagar area. 
I and Diya went to attend the same.  The station sub inspector Mr. Chandrasekhar is very young and smart and attended the invitees in a friendly tone.  We discussed the following issues -

1. Police requested the apartments to install CCTV wherever necessary and possible in the apartments. As of now, its not a mandate.
2. The public suggested that a provision is needed to record the information whenever security agencies employ securities in the apartments. (The current trend is - security agencies employ young and old people from nearby villages for a meagre salary.  These securities are not paid provided any proper information on their shifts. They are not paid on time, they are paid as well.  This makes the securities leave the current employment and move to next one.  As a result, the apartments end up having a lot of short-term securities employed, exposing the entire apartment facility made available to them.).
3. It was also suggested that the police meet these securities in the night shift to meet them during their patroling.
4. The cars parked near MTR and other residential areas near mini-forest cause inconvenience to the neighbourhood.
5. Vehicles speeding and overtaking from the wrong side on the 9th Cross have been reported.
6. Vehicles entering on the wrong side for shortcuts also was escalated.

The sub inspector encouraged the public to bring out any issue and discuss with police.  He also encouraged the public to store the station contact numbers on their mobile: (080) 2294-2563, (080) 2294-3111.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Innocence In Indian Love Lost

The innocence in Indian Love is almost somehow on the way. For us, the entertainment meant cinema, and the cinema meant love. One foreigner once told us "Movies generally reflect a country's problems. Having watched some movies the last few week, I realize Love is the only problem in India".  Our love attitude is evovled from movie style. The love is also very electronic. It is also violent in some cases. I have supported some love marriages. But I donot know what the coming generations see love as.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life Manifested

I say with a huge sense of responsibility that what I am today is because that is what I intended throughout.  The life is manifesting itself based on the strengths of my intentions, and timed the events in appropriate way. I never realized "Power of Intentions" until I came across the title of this book. I learned more about it when few discussions led me to the books - The Intention Experiment, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
Everything in this world is manifested by someone else here. Just because I do not does not mean it cannot be manifested. It feels electrified when I realize that I can create my destiny.
May be it is easy to see the materials that we made (manifested) which was not existing before. There is a new building here which was not there 3 months back - someone intended, and manifested. New peope in our life, new job, new relationships, new culture, - everything is manifested here through intention.
Shakthi Manifest was intended and manifested as a journal of spiritual experiences. Join me in my journey.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dog Love

I love to watch how dogs communicate.  The pet lovers know it better.
Here is a picture of a street dog and a house dog talking to each other.  It was yet another love story!
Dog Love

Saturday, January 26, 2013

MATLAB or matlab?

Saw this poster in Bangalore Central mall. Really puzzled for a while with the word 'matlab' - I was wondering what MATLAB software has to do in the ad, until I realized its matlab (Hindi equivalent of 'means'). 

White Owl - My Spirit Guide

White Owl - My spirit guide
White Owl - Close up shot.
The apartment security guard was chasing away something with a stick. I parked my car and asked him what. He said 'there is a danagerous pakshi that brings daridhara'.  I went and looked at the tree beside - wow, its a snow white owl.  I was in a wow state still as I am seeing an owl for the first time. It looked a puppet toy and blinking its eyes.  It had some black spots on its belly not sure if its a pattern or infection. I clicked it posed.  I moved, clicked and it posed. People said it cannot see - but I think it can see as black and white. Some believe, the white owl brings bad news. Some say that is a vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi and hence brings wealth and prosperity.  Some say its a spirit guide. I do not know but I felt its good for me.  Of all I heard, I take the White Owl as my spirit guide - someone who reminds me of the intuitive powers. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dressed for occasion

Cow sighted near Crossword, JP Nagar 3rd Phase

Sunday, January 6, 2013

In The Laps of Trees

Trees have witnessed
the time
Trees have withstood
the time
The very sight of Trees fascinate me.
It may be a very primitive, inherent desire to gaze at trees and admire.
Some how I am not able to dismiss them as 'part of the nature'.
See these trees.
They show elements of life.
They have witnessed the time.
They have withstood the time.
They have faced every day Sun, Soil, Wind
and all forms of invisible energy for long.
They take some shape beyond our understanding.
God rests in the
laps of a tree
They are among us.
Or is it other way round
- we are among them.
They point to the sky.
Probably their roots can be a more fascinating
- a brain like neural network.
If God had to rest, it could be in the laps of trees.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Colony of Bats

I dont remember when was the last time I encountered a bat in my life time.  But when I saw a colony of bats (a group of bats is called colony) in my office campus, it was very scary.  I thought they were crows, disturbed by a death of a fellow bird or so.
Colony of Bats
For long, we know bats as spooky birds having watched several mythological movies.  I researched on the internet and I found them to be scientifically great animals.  I wonder how did our education system does not bring all these fascinating facts during our schooling. Bats seem to be friendly mammals.

Today' sight of bats certainly created some interest in bats. I will explore and come back when I find something interesting.

Explore these online resources
BBC's Nature page on Bats -
Interesting books on Bats -

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013. 
May all your true dreams come true.