Monday, August 15, 2011

My Ten Power Values

My ten power values I am committed to are:

* LOVE:  Who do I love, What love means to me, who loves me, how much unconditional love can I show to everyone..

* GRATITUDE:  What am I today is thanks to the several people I met, several events and opportunities I encountered.

* CURIOSITY:  I grow because of my curiosity to understand, learn, and get better.

* PASSION:  Passion is unbridled power for human excellence.  Only through excitement, energy flows unlimited.

* DETERMINATION: If anything that is accomplished in this world, its through determination.

* FLEXIBILITY:  Its only through flexibility, we create several options for making change.

* CONFIDENCE:  Unshakeable confidence removes the fear factors

* CHEERFULNESS: Cheerfulness puts us on state of excitement and possibilties.

* VITALITY:  Physical energy creates nerve energy.

* CONTRIBUTION: Through giving, we make difference.

Independence Day 2011

Today is Independence Day. 

While we give a lot of significance to "celebrating", we forgot that we have really lost our way in the last 65 years. The very meaning of Freedom has been lost.  The year of anti-corruption awareness, we are heading towards another freedom fight.  But India is under developed in several aspects. Men gripped by mental illness like greed, crime, corruption are spoiling the essential spirit of this country.  Some of the villages I have been recently, makes me realize that we are still close to the stone age. Somebody told me that outside Bangalore, several villages have just 3 hours power supply.  We read every day news on child abuse, and violence on human.  Many of the teachers I have interacted still feel the government has not done anything for the teaching community.

We are fiddling with the basics, India.