Monday, August 15, 2011

My Ten Power Values

My ten power values I am committed to are:

* LOVE:  Who do I love, What love means to me, who loves me, how much unconditional love can I show to everyone..

* GRATITUDE:  What am I today is thanks to the several people I met, several events and opportunities I encountered.

* CURIOSITY:  I grow because of my curiosity to understand, learn, and get better.

* PASSION:  Passion is unbridled power for human excellence.  Only through excitement, energy flows unlimited.

* DETERMINATION: If anything that is accomplished in this world, its through determination.

* FLEXIBILITY:  Its only through flexibility, we create several options for making change.

* CONFIDENCE:  Unshakeable confidence removes the fear factors

* CHEERFULNESS: Cheerfulness puts us on state of excitement and possibilties.

* VITALITY:  Physical energy creates nerve energy.

* CONTRIBUTION: Through giving, we make difference.

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