Monday, August 11, 2014

Rotten fences

Last month the Bangalore kid's abuse newsat School made a wave - but lets not forgot forget there are more and more rotten fences polluting the society. They should be eradicated.  I wish this Diwali be celebrated to wage a war against the modern Narakasuras.

Today ia Jose Silva birthday

August 11 is Jose Silva's birthday. My ideas on spirituality was shaped by the mental model created by this man. Even today I keep going to his books again and again and keep myself operating at Alpha level.
I helped many through his techniques. I could heal myself through his ideas. I stayed positive at will.
My salutes to this great man.

Thanga Meengal

I watched the Thanga Meengal movie in Sun Tv last night. Though I know its a heavy subject movie, I made it a point to watch the movie along with my daughter.
The movie has so much messages to offer. My daughter asked in the beginning why it has been titled so to which I said I would answer at the end. I did.
Nobody has acted in the movie. It has message for the schools,  teachers,  parents and each one of us. Every father who sends quality time with his daughter will understand this movie.
This movie would have won awards but the message of the movie is beyond all that.
Our Kollywood heroes will not dare to act in such movies as there is no gun, vulgarity and item songs.
Special mention to Revita teacher as well who became my favourite too. Glad that the movie ended in a positive note otherwise I would have gone to bed with a heavy heart.