Monday, December 28, 2015

Reasons to quit WhatsApp

There are hundreds of benefits using An effective communication tool and everybody is wondering how this is made available free to them.

Many are deeply engrossed onto this cute app - morning through midnight.  The day starts with it and the midnight, latenight ends with it.

People try all sorts of "Account > Privacy" settings to show their uniqueness.

WhatApp is very addictive and we the elders, may be teaching something wrong to the  kids to show this as a relationship tool.

I am currently on WhatsApp Fasting. 

I have not quit WhatsApp but trying to stay away from WhatsApp.  Atleast from Xmas through New Year through Sankaraanthi, I dont want to be online and looking at the messages.

There is element of artificial-ness lifestyle set in using WhatsApp.  Our brains are getting tuned to something unnatural.  I can clearly see thats creating some problem in day to day life. 
  • The morning light alerts give a false sense of urgency on the messages that arrived
  • How much time to wait anticipating a favourable response? (Why not pick the phone and talk?)
  • We stopped saying good morning and good night to the folks at home sincerely (but those on Whatsapp get all those well-crafted greetings with emoticons)
  • Reading, workouts, writing, interacting, ...all the times have reduced
If you want to practice MINDFULNESS, stay away from WhatsApp for sometime.

Here are the steps:

1. Decide to quit WhatsApp for 2 full weeks
2. You may fail for the first two days (based on the relationships you have) but start all over
3. Dont worry about how people will share important pictures, and messages.  NOTHING is important in this world
4. Even if you dont greet someone good morning and good night, they will be alive
5. Explain politely to anyone who asks about it - that you are trying to reduce distraction and not to stay away from relationships
6. If you declare this first and then try to go on WhatsApp fasting, people may pull you off
7. Switch off mobile data and wireless options for the two weeks period
8. By doing the step 7, the added bonus is you are not going to check FB as well
9. Now that you have more time, find the useful things you can do in life
10. After two weeks, on a Sunday, you may check the messages - you will naturally tend to skip all the forwards.  You will naturally respond to the one that is very important.
11. Try this every two weeks
12. Stop anything in your life that takes away your power, focus and authenticity!


  1. Hi ganesh, loved your explanation, im also working on real life living fundamentals, but these people force me to be, with them in whatapp fb and all. I am on fb fasting from long, but I recently had an accident due to which I have to spend my time on facebook and thus I came where I started. However fb fast was easy, but I'm worried about whatapp all text there only. Groups have few imp numbers. What to do with that. ?

  2. Do you make apps? I've got a solution to this. But I'm not a programmer, if you do. Please share your email. Or email me at