Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NLP is beautiful

I feel struck by the amazing field of NLP and its techniques. The more we understand and apply the good and powerful things in our life. VERY FEW PEOPLE APPLY IN THEIR LIFE, WHAT THEY LEARN. I am very fortunate that "I do" things. I see many around me handicapped by their own thoughts, and not able to move a bit in their life.  My entire evening was in love with NLP and I woke up this mid night to read more on it.  And it was raining heavily. A deadly combination! At this moment, I am in total control of my life - and I feel that sense of power. I want to reach out to people and tell them what it looks like. Guys, life is not living someday in future. Its living now - not just today. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pondering now...

  • What different question should we ask ourselves to stop the corruption?

  • If India continues to figure out with their new problems every single day, how we protect ourselves with the enemies outside?

  • I wish I sleep only 2-4 hours everyday. Waking up 2 am or 3 am these days.  Something creative is running in my mind. Something new and fresh waiting to be born out of my shell.

  • எந்திரன் படம் செய்ய செய்த செலவை துணியும் உணவும் இல்லாத மக்களுக்கு செய்தால் என்ன?

  • If you keeping buying new houses as an investment, what will you answer to the future generation who are already homeless for various reasons?

  • Did our parents had lesser problems in brining up compared to what we face with our kids?

  • I say our mind is God. What else could be?

  • The default state of mind is happiness. Why do we still pursue one?

  • If TOI can stop publishing Bangalore Times and Bangalore Mirror, tonnes of papers can be saved and also trees.

  • Why do we dont have negative music awards for our music directors who gave some junk songs?

  • If my kid blogs now, what would she say about me?

  • The world we see now through our filters, is not real

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthdays are death reminders

Strange that we measure our age on how many years we lived.  But to me birthdays are death reminders. Sorry for sounding negative - in fact its a more empowering belief.  One of the nature's gift is keeping our "died on" date a surprise one. Every birthday comes to tell you there could be only few more days left, better live your life in a useful way.  Its as though saying Live, else Leave.

நானும் நீயும் வாழ்ந்த வாழ்க்கை

பூமிப் பாறையில்

சிறு நகக் கீறல் கூடச்


We spent all our days for self - keep doing something to make ourselves happy.  But we forgot that the natural state of mind itself is happiness. We covered it with laziness, business in search of happiness.

Sometimes, when I walk into the crowded malls, its funny to watch the married couples, especially the one with kids. There is a stress on their faces, and also between them. The husband would be leading his wife and baby as though they are climbing a hill. And the wife always appear to be a baby-managing officer. But see the younger ones - walking together, life exploring, curiosity, enjoy to themselves.

I say this metaphor to remind ourselves that life is like that. Being on our own, unmasked, curious, and with joy pouring in. Life is not about power, money, sex, two more houses, religion, man-made-god, and igadgets. The animal in man is waging war against his own mankind and killing people everyday. Somebody else being killed in some other location, country dying of poverty, and abuse. For them religion and money are useless things.  They just need "life". I and you got that life.  Lets help others live their own life. Without doing that I and you have no right to celebrate your birthday and that of kins.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My August Month

Let the whole world know that the August is not an non-auspicious month. Because its my birth month, I have attached a lot of significance to this month.  I gain "power" around this month and live like a happy man. This month is like a new year beginning for me. But I am going to extend that amazing feeling to other months from now on. I have lost the concept of day-and-night, and see life days as one stretch period. Nature may be teaching us divide-and-conquer through day-and-night concept - but as my life is taking an interesting shape, day-night-day format is gone.

Can someone get me a mind-to-blog transmitter?  So many things to share, and I am not able to provide you an hot and unedited version of it.