Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pondering now...

  • What different question should we ask ourselves to stop the corruption?

  • If India continues to figure out with their new problems every single day, how we protect ourselves with the enemies outside?

  • I wish I sleep only 2-4 hours everyday. Waking up 2 am or 3 am these days.  Something creative is running in my mind. Something new and fresh waiting to be born out of my shell.

  • எந்திரன் படம் செய்ய செய்த செலவை துணியும் உணவும் இல்லாத மக்களுக்கு செய்தால் என்ன?

  • If you keeping buying new houses as an investment, what will you answer to the future generation who are already homeless for various reasons?

  • Did our parents had lesser problems in brining up compared to what we face with our kids?

  • I say our mind is God. What else could be?

  • The default state of mind is happiness. Why do we still pursue one?

  • If TOI can stop publishing Bangalore Times and Bangalore Mirror, tonnes of papers can be saved and also trees.

  • Why do we dont have negative music awards for our music directors who gave some junk songs?

  • If my kid blogs now, what would she say about me?

  • The world we see now through our filters, is not real

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