Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Despite Everything!

Despite everything,
The world has become a
better place to live!
Despite noise around me,
I see music in me.
Despite smoke around me,
I smell roses surround me.
Despite burns
I sense fountain of youth
Despite tears
I hear laughs.
Early morning mood
tells me that
the world has become a
better place to live.
Its my day - today.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

For entrepreneurs

My friend lent me this book "Start up of You". It's written by the founder of LinkedIn. I just loved this book. It's not a typical self help book. I am going to buy a personal copy and few gift copies soon. The author has intelligently taken the "start-up" as the metaphor.  It's all about purpose, ownership and networking.  It's easy reading and not that heavy.  I recommend it.

Power of Intention

I am realizing the power of intention in my life and how my opportunities fall in my way. I am thrilled. I will not fear. I will stay away from negative things.