Monday, February 22, 2010

Beggar Eradication Month

Bangalore is going to be beggar-free soon, if the government's initiative on eradication of beggary practices. It was on Saturday, we saw a beggar boy on the Brigade Road, skinny and handicapped lying unconscious on the footpath, near the Nilgiris where any hurrying pedestrian may easily step on. Not one or two, they are everywhere. A pregnant teen with her protuding belly is still in my eyes that I see here in the HSR Layout signals often. And the transgender people who demand money in every signal. Why cannot police or a task force track every single beggar and find the source who is pushing them into the business. Sometimes we do not know whether they are really beggars or any miscreants.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dark, Fat Buffalo

What does the world think of Tamil, Tamil women, culture.  Let me look at the other side of the question - how does Tamil, Tamil women, culture getting represented? 

An actor, who commented on Tamil women as 'dark, fat buffalo' has been targetted enough. His house has been attacked, his awards and rewards have been burnt by the 'moral police'.  Is he the first one to talk about 'tamil women'.  No!  Thousands and thousands of movies, TV programmes, movies, advertisements all represent Tamil women in some way. Are they all show Tamil women with high regard?

On the other side, all the communal groups have something to pick to create controversies, say Shiv Sena's comments on cricket, movie and everything else. 

To me, the real dark, fat buffalo is these communal forces.


God, save our country from our folks, first!  Pakistan, Terroists are nothing.