Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Not a couch potato!

This dog seems to tell "Dogs are not couch potatoes; and couch potatoes are not dogs"

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Anjali (1990) Tamil Full Movie

Today I was watching few scenes of this great movie Anjali. I am reminded of few things:
1. Most of the people have healthy children
2. There are many children like Anjali but fortunately adopted by some good hearts

Very emotional movie. I will watch the whole movie on a weekend soon!

Empty Platform and Departing Train

Empty Platform and
Departing Train
The departing train and the empty platform can make anyone philosophical! Here is my poem

Until the train arrives, 
the platform is a living, 
lively place. 
When the train arrives,
everyone on the floor
gets on to a made race.
When the train departs,
some feel good,
some feel relieved.
The train does not care!
But it carries loads of
relationships and dreams.
The platform turns empty
and hearts heavier.

Fighting the craving for new SmartPhone

I am exercising my willpower more these days. There is a strong craving to buy that elusive Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Read my previous post. The price is fluctuating between 29K to 32K and I am also almost waiting like a dog for the bone.
Advertisements are really persuading.
But I started developing some more beliefs:
1. Why do I want this phone?

  • Because it has a stylus.

2. Why do you need a stylus?

  • Because my identity is a writer. I am currently writing in laptop, smartphone and papers and notebooks and my work is scattered everywhere. Note 2 will help collate everything in one place.

3. What is the bad side?

  • I may be constantly glued to the phone.
  • I will tend to be online forever - which I hate doing it.
  • I will miss talking to people on the transport.
  • I will not observe anything else.
  • I will not think.

4. Is 30K worth?

  • May not be now.  I will establish myself an author, and then reward myself with this smartphone.

5. What do I do now?

  • I think I will use my current resources well. Even my humble 512MB RAM is good enough. Will accomplish something great, conquer the field and reward myself. PERIOD. No second thought of buying Note 2 for the next few months.