Saturday, February 1, 2014

Airtel Super Singer 4 - My views

Airtel Super Singer is the only program I watch on the television. Singing along with singers energize me and the program is well organized.
Though my favorite, the program is not without flaws. There are instances where I could clearly see bias towards certain contestants.
My favourites are Syed, Parvathy and Sonia.
For me, Syed's voice is manliness, Parvathy is that of perfection, Sonia is that of Singer Chitra like beauty.
All three are amazing singers.  Selecting one person as a winner is only momentary. How would you say who is the best singer among the judges? All are good in several ways.
I am not for online/SMS voting. Technology can be exploited to someone to get more votes.
I am a huge fan of Singer Chitra, and that makes me Sonia my favourite.I wish she wins this title.
One person whom I feel should have been in finals is Krishnan.
The judge panel should be changed.