Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ten minutes willpower

Willpower is a muscle we have been constantly allowing to grow WEAK by not exercising it.
We all have aspirations to be, to do, to have something big, significant but we miserably fail due to lack of willpower.
We all know that everything is in mind yet we donot do what we know. Lack of willpower!
There is a simple cure for this and it takes only ten  minutes. No theory nothing though we will add little more to it later.
Every day do something that is very important yet you don't like it. Get involved in this for ten minutes and stop after minutes. No questions asked.
Do this for a week without break.
It's like eating the bitter gourd for the next few says and you chew it for ten minutes.
What happens when you do something that is important that you don't like?
1. You are creating newpathway in nervous system. You are telling your brain the new change you are preparing to.
2. Ten minutes in 24 hours is nothing. We know people who eat or spend 90 minutes over lunch.
3. At the end of the 7th day, you probably start thinking seriously that this task is important and only you could do it
4. You start building a responsibility layer on your brain and your shoulder.
5. You realize that this you are about to create a new identity for yourself
6. Probably you get a sense of freedom and breathe differently
7. You just proved to yourself that the 70 minutes is what it takes in a week overall to get better at something - to start with.
I am sure you spent less than Ten minutes to read this and I Thank you for that.

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