Saturday, December 12, 2015

Violations of Mind

 Look at these pictures. They have been clicked in the past 2 weeks or so across locations in Bangalore.  Traffic violation, dumping of garbage, jumping the signal, riding on the footpath, illegal hoardings.  Every day scene it is!

I have reported enough to the civic authorities and they get addressed. But there is no permanent prevention to all these problems - either authorities change or people find new ways of violating it.

Did I say violation?!

To me this seems to be more of a violation of mind rather than of the city rules. 

We pollute our mind every day. We violate our own rules for health everyday.

The result is some form of sickness.  Do we go to the doctor to permanently fix the problem?  No, we go to the doctor to temporarily heal the symptoms.

But about the mind?  Why are we not cleaning our mind everyday?  Why are we not checking our own rules if they are enabling or not enabling? Why are we looking at others always to feed us?

Why do we wakeup late? Just to see, if we are still alive?  Many of us have not seen what 5 am looks like?  Whats the pride in being awake on birthday till 2 am because your dears ones pampered you or wake up on the day at 4 am because you have to catch the flight at 7 am?  And boast around 'I was awake till 2 am' or 'I wokeup at 4 am'.  Were you doing some service for India? Your own fun, right?

Laziness, lethargy, lack of accountability, living with false pride, - all these leading to several violations.

Before you ask to clean your city, please clean your mind.

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