Monday, March 4, 2013

Healer and the Healed

Everyone that I come across reminds me of this - He or She can serve as a healer and also has a need to heal.
Everyone is a healer and to be healed.
This spiritual mindset will bring in a lot of values. Its a compassionate world.  Through constant meditations, I can see, really see, this world is very much complete.
We all have a role to play. One role is that of the healer - do as much healing with words, service, good doings, a love touch, a small help.  Another role is to surrender - surrender to a big positive belief. Take help. Get healed of wrong doings. Correct yourself when young.  Look at someone wiser, elder to you and draw inspiration. 
If you are only a healer and do not want to get healed by others, you are refusing to be a student. 
If you are only getting healed, and do not want to heal others, you are not really paying back to the society.
Everyone is a healer and needs to be healed!

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