Sunday, March 10, 2013


I strongly believe there is no randomness, there is only connectedness among all the living and non-living.  There is a discipline that is not expressable scientifically between all that is in the universe. I saw a dead cow on the street, hit by a vehicle. Another cow was roaming around the place, smelling the dead one - How do you explain this?  We often see a home dog getting friendly with a street dog. A dog knows when his master is returning home. Birds come to the balcony to get their morning food. There is a book 'Secret Life of Plants' that seem to research how plants communicate, experience and bond (Got through a citation, have not read this book).  We associate a lot of meaning to the river beyond the context of water. Ant has intelligence that we have seen. Termites seem to have different intelligence (more on this soon!).  There is connectedness, there is intelligence, there is no randomness.

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