Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Health and Safety - Concerns

I generally donot talk about ill health to anyone.  I talk about health.  I also insist on safety.

First two safety incidents -

a) A senior citizen going for a walk was struck on middle of his head by a strong object. He fell unconscious on the road and someone rescued him and admitted him to the hospital. Nobody knows what struck him.
b) A young professional was riding fast in his new two wheeler and hit a pole in the foot path. His face split open in two halves and his jaws broke. The roadside sugarcane seller admitted him in the hospital and informed some of his recent contacts in the mobile.

Safety issues can hit young and old any time.
1. Safety issues need not happen just at the road. It can happen in the home. Also ensure your guests and visitors are not affected by your safety shortcomings.
2. If your parents are going for a walk, ensure they carry the important contact numbers, emergency medicines, and their mobile phone.
3. Now the summer is approaching, let your parents not be exposed to the hot sun. Be aware of the sun stroke.
4. We would have often heard the humble Aspirin/Anacin helps at the time of chest pain and one gets sufficient time to reach the nearest hospital.  (Check with your family doctor and get a double confirmation on this belief).

With respect to health, I have few concerns -

a) The elderly people tend to take medicines more and more without taking control on the food practice.
b) The elderly people often given up one course of treatment and move to the next one.
c) There is also a common tendency of self medication in India.  (Almost, everyone is a doctor in India !)
d) When it comes to the young and the middle-aged,  the more they know of the hotels, and food varieties, the less we know of health.  How many here can talk of protein, carbohydrates, starch?
e)  How many of my contacts would do something, on a regular basis
    (i) to prevent illness
    (ii) to gain strength / stamina
    (iii) to slow ageing
    (iv) to beat stress

In the information era, knowledge is free. We know what is good and bad.  Despite knowing burgers and coke bad to health, we reach out. We celebrate every occassion with fat. We soak our internal organs with acids, and all chemical combinations on earth. And different types of addictions and loads of justifications for those addictions.  We forget that we have to be alive and strong to support our kids till they grow and settle in life.  Yes, a young, fat professional, died of heart attack in his early 30's and he was a father of 10 month old few months back.

We have passed our exams, but we have not learned really on health.

Its a wake up call for all the readers on safety and health.

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