Thursday, February 28, 2013

Public friendly police

The JP Nagar police had invited all the apartment office bearers for a security and safety related issues in the JP Nagar area. 
I and Diya went to attend the same.  The station sub inspector Mr. Chandrasekhar is very young and smart and attended the invitees in a friendly tone.  We discussed the following issues -

1. Police requested the apartments to install CCTV wherever necessary and possible in the apartments. As of now, its not a mandate.
2. The public suggested that a provision is needed to record the information whenever security agencies employ securities in the apartments. (The current trend is - security agencies employ young and old people from nearby villages for a meagre salary.  These securities are not paid provided any proper information on their shifts. They are not paid on time, they are paid as well.  This makes the securities leave the current employment and move to next one.  As a result, the apartments end up having a lot of short-term securities employed, exposing the entire apartment facility made available to them.).
3. It was also suggested that the police meet these securities in the night shift to meet them during their patroling.
4. The cars parked near MTR and other residential areas near mini-forest cause inconvenience to the neighbourhood.
5. Vehicles speeding and overtaking from the wrong side on the 9th Cross have been reported.
6. Vehicles entering on the wrong side for shortcuts also was escalated.

The sub inspector encouraged the public to bring out any issue and discuss with police.  He also encouraged the public to store the station contact numbers on their mobile: (080) 2294-2563, (080) 2294-3111.


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