Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life Manifested

I say with a huge sense of responsibility that what I am today is because that is what I intended throughout.  The life is manifesting itself based on the strengths of my intentions, and timed the events in appropriate way. I never realized "Power of Intentions" until I came across the title of this book. I learned more about it when few discussions led me to the books - The Intention Experiment, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
Everything in this world is manifested by someone else here. Just because I do not does not mean it cannot be manifested. It feels electrified when I realize that I can create my destiny.
May be it is easy to see the materials that we made (manifested) which was not existing before. There is a new building here which was not there 3 months back - someone intended, and manifested. New peope in our life, new job, new relationships, new culture, - everything is manifested here through intention.
Shakthi Manifest was intended and manifested as a journal of spiritual experiences. Join me in my journey.

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