Sunday, June 16, 2013

How I ended the craze on new mobiles

At this time of writing this blog, I hope I have literally ended the craze on new mobiles. I dont know if it will pop up again by the time I finish writing this.
Like everyone, the advertisements on new mobiles lure me. The recent one being the exchange offer on buying Samsung Note II.  Somehow, I like the stylus feature. I researched on net whether to buy the Note II or not. It will help me to write and save the content for my blog while on the move. Its feature rich, trendy, wide screen etc. I can replace my laptop usage to large extent. I also went and spoke to friends who already have these gadgets and they seem to be enjoying these models.
I was undecided and I had to decide before the stocks are over. Then one night, I took the following thought process and killed the chase for a new model:
1. There are enough laptops, mobiles, tabs, televisions at home. Do I really need one more?
2. A best smartphone is yet to come in the market. Do I really need to pay 27K for this gadget which will get outdated soon?
3. By buying an advanced mobile which is feature rich, I am committing myself for more usage of it. Will that put my reading habits at risk?
4. Most of my friends to whose house I visit, they spend time in front of TV instead of engaging the guest (me!). Should I allow an electronic device take away the social interaction?
5. What impression am I giving to my child by buying this not-so-needed device?
6. What would be my reaction if I lose this mobile somewhere?
7. Am I truly practicing obsolescence management in my real life?
8. Will it be worth buying some great books for that 27K instead of a mobile. (Asking this question, there was a lust and twinkle in my eyes!!!)
9. Can a cheaper 10K Indian model will solve the urge, if I really need one big smartphone?
10. How different am I from the women folks who run after the jewel designs though they already have enough?

Yes, the madness is almost gone. In another one hour, I should be getting the morning newspapers. Hope the front page advertisements do not change my mind.
But the next monster is growing by now - Need for a smartbox - to make the not-so-smart-TV a smart ones. The battle starts now.

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