Saturday, June 29, 2013

Half Year Check Post

We all are crossing half the year now. The first 6 months was really packed for me - if not in physical life, atleast how my mental abilities were kept busy. I guess I was continuously on the run. Nevertheless, physical life too was very busy. I am enjoying what I am seeing here, what I am doing here. I pulled up my socks and took control of several things - yes, several things, - in my life.
I think it all happened because I had several moments of decisions. I took decisions - what is necessary at every stage. The phase that I am passing through is temporary. But I made a very strong, positive journey for myself.
Especially, I enjoyed talking to many people and was interested to know how contrast they could be in what they know and what they do. I really spent a great deal of time with several people.
I am looking forward to make 2013 another memorable year for me.

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