Sunday, May 12, 2013

My obsession with History

I recall how much stress I went through learning the dry subject of History. The history was never interesting and the teachers could not never articulate. I could not related many things. Ok, that is history anyway.
With the advent of Wikileaks, Sting Operations and several unauthorized biographies, all that we know seem to one sided version.
On the other side, just take today's news snapshot and see for yourself what could keep the Indian Government busy. There are denials, inaction, instability.  I am worried what the future generation will learn about India.
When my frustration reached a peak, I decided to two reasonable things:  (a) To read a book on history written by a historian (b) To read the autobiography of Gandhi.
Recently my neighbour recommended Guha Ramachandra's "India After Gandhi".  I ordered one for myself and will start reading soon.
I felt ashamed when I realized that I have never Gandhi's autobiography from my heart. Gandhi was often quoted by leaders, and many favourite authors. I am giving myself Oct 2nd as the deadline for finish reading the autobiography atleast once.

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