Saturday, January 26, 2013

White Owl - My Spirit Guide

White Owl - My spirit guide
White Owl - Close up shot.
The apartment security guard was chasing away something with a stick. I parked my car and asked him what. He said 'there is a danagerous pakshi that brings daridhara'.  I went and looked at the tree beside - wow, its a snow white owl.  I was in a wow state still as I am seeing an owl for the first time. It looked a puppet toy and blinking its eyes.  It had some black spots on its belly not sure if its a pattern or infection. I clicked it posed.  I moved, clicked and it posed. People said it cannot see - but I think it can see as black and white. Some believe, the white owl brings bad news. Some say that is a vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi and hence brings wealth and prosperity.  Some say its a spirit guide. I do not know but I felt its good for me.  Of all I heard, I take the White Owl as my spirit guide - someone who reminds me of the intuitive powers. 

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