Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend That Was (29-Nov-200)

Last week, it was a heavy week workwise, that had some load on the weekend too.

I visited one of my friend's new house warming ceremony, got an opportunity to meet new friends. The apartment was very good. Bangalore is expanding in all directions. BDA owns some area, BBMP owns something else. The huge land opposite to the Ragigudda slum could have been converted to a greenery area. But the government is putting it heart and soul to convert into a money making machine.  A report says the figure Rs. 73 lakhs crores refers to the amount paid as bribe in India in the last 18 years. All that we are living and breathing in this earth have come to us because someone paid bribe. Every flat registration is going through a bribe cycle - not necessarily by the flat owner - but the building owner to the government staff and he includes it as part of the package. Should we focus on the corruption and lose our peace or focus on our family and enjoy our lives?  My neighbour is losing peace over the trouble given by another neighbour. She was depressed with the way people treat. We took her to Shirdi Sai Baba temple near to my house and she felt good about that.  We spoke about bad karma and to get rid of the people who create negative energy.  Sometimes the weather also creates mood.  Bangalore is getting unconformtably too cold that people catch depression mood. An evening home made hot crispy bajji lights up the evening mood but eating 10 pieces create chaos inside. Sapna Book House officials said they were soon opening their 6th branch in Koramangala. They are planning to invite Dr.Kalam as a guest to one of the events.  I suggested them to open a book house in JP Nagar too. There is no book shop in this area. TV reality shows are getting bad day by day.

A family friend's married life is in trouble - I am wondering how I could save it. We invite hundreds of people to the wedding ceremony but when getting separated we donot involve any. These days the trend is that its not the boy's family that creates problems; its the girl's. Seriously.

The Crest Edition of Times of India did not reach me on Saturday. I am planning to write to them for a copy. 

Next 3 weeks are going to be very hectic. Looking forward for interesting and inspiring days ahead.

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