Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Inspiring Winter Days

I donot recall when was the last time I was through such cold winter days. It does not like a holiday month. The days are too hectic, lots of happenings around.

Last weekend, I met a sincere traffic policeman who shared his mind. He does not take penalizing action when he sees someone violating the rules. Instead, he calls them to the station and advises how violations create problems.  Very young, common sense guy, aspiring to get into civil&order section from the routine traffic police job. The reason he said was he would be able to help the poor and illiterate in several disputes. He comes from a very humble family and his father was a primary school teacher. He is one inspiration for this winter.

Tiger Woods, who is still my inspiration - for his calmness and legendary at his skill.  Times Now flashed 'More Birdies in Tiger's Woods'. May be that he is a celebrity, his news are getting more publicity including that of his mother in law falling sick.

Times of India has launched Times Crest. I am yet to get a copy of it - will be talking to the newspaper guy to reserve one. Its long time wish that the newspapers like TOI do not have anything to read and digest. Times Crest is a welcome entry and TOI is good at innovating.  I wish they do something for the kids and get away with the stale, crap Bangalore Times supplements.

There are close friends whose married lives are under turbulence. These friends are very honest, have their middle class family values, and harmless. They are very technical, hard working and at the sametime live in a closed-friendship-unit.  Though its sad the marriage is failing, they are doing a balancing act.

There is another friend whom I met online after a very very long time. She is a scribe and I recall she was very active in amateur dramas those days.She runs an ezine:

There is another friend, who lives a very simple life, principle-centric, systematic, even at home.

And many more common man I come across, I only understand that people are living their dreams, they have a purpose to pursue.

And I too have few wisdom moments that flash and go back. I resolved for the new year:

a) I will 'live a book'

b) I will never create fear in anybody

c) I will never procrastinate

and much more personal goals evolving. Tony's Awaken the Giant Within deals a chapter on creating goals. I will use that as a reference guide.

Yes, Winter hurts this quote:

Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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