Sunday, December 20, 2009

Three Exhibitions in a day

We along with family, attended thre exhibitions on the same day - all at Palace Grounds! 

Kids Festival by Times Group:  I thought it would be a good idea to buy more innovative gifts for my kid and also see what new learning aids are available. With an entry fee of Rs.30, we could not enjoy the event. There was mad rush, one row of stalls had regular stalls for kids - none of the items were worth buying. The real theme was a display of schools advertisements. All the schools of Bangalore had put their stalls. There was a talent exhibit - but there was not any interest. It was a pure business tatctics. One stall did not even give the bill. He said its not needed and he is already paying the sales tax!

Aadishilp 2009:  This was happening in the next ground. Very interesting. Its an arts and crafts exhibition. Ambience was good. There was a hut which served as an entry for the stalls. Almost all the north indian and north east state folks had displayed their products. Tamilnadu, Kerala and North Karnataka items had one stall each. Bought a shawl for my dad, some earrings, chains for my women folks.  I was interested in buying a book shelf made of wood - but that was too big to carry in the car. Finally, I bought something for myself - a pen stand made of rock elements. The North East guys told me its made of rock and no-chemicals - but I thought I would buy one to encourage them. We certainly respect such events to encourage the village folks. More than worth for the entry fee of just Rs.10/-. The organizers kept announcing that the buyers insist on bill.

Silk Expo 2009 -  This was next to the Aadishilp event; As my family members were excited to enter this, something was warning me that there could be a hole in my wallet. I was lucky that all mad-crowd were not leaving single unit of space to stand and enquire something. I directed my family to the stalls where there was not any crowd. Yes, the stalls were not worth visiting.  Finally, except for the entry fee of Rs.30/- per head we did not spend anything.

I expected the traffic from Palace Ground to JP Nagar will be hell. But it was breeze; all the signals were turning green for me and I reached my home in breeze!

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