Saturday, December 26, 2009

James Allen

James Allen is one of my favourite authors. I have read his book "As a man thinketh" several times. It may appear like a dry essay, but every sentence of his work is worth a quote. Thanks to Dr.VS, I got to know about James Allen's writings. Those days a publication by name "Sri saiva siddhantha pathipagam" from Tirunelveli had published all his books. Another title that I was fond of - "Eight pillars of prosperity"; and another one being "Above Life's Turmoil". 

(I remember that Mr.SKM, the founder of SKM foundry (Erode) was a great fan of his writings. He used to ask his people to translate the work (eight pillars...) and listen in tamil. Mr.SKM is one of the very disciplined industrialist known.)

Last night, thoughts of James Allen started haunting me and I was desperately started looking for his titles on the internet. Would you call it magic?  Today I took my parents to Forum mall - in the Landmark book stall among thousands of books were lying these two cute books - As a Man thinketh and 8 pillars of prosperity. I did not buy any other new titles, how attractive they may be. After coming home, I realized that I did not search for "Above life's turmoil".  When I glanced the "As a man thinketh" book, it came as a pleasant it had alll the other 'missing' books.

I already have 'Book of Meditation' which I decided that I will read everyday morning from New year.

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  1. Dear think,
    yes, I did. I have posted the link in my post as a related link.