Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday (22 Nov 2009)

This morning, I had been waiting next JSS College, Jayanagar to meet somebody.  There was a big crowd waiting for a training event. It was a training session for marketing aspirants. All the aspirants tried to look professional - some wearing dull, old trousers, some in suits, some in french beard, some too professional, some very native, some always on phone, a team-lead like person surrounded by set of 'dull' people and finally there was a car where the executive driver was on his cellphone as he drove. It was interesting to watch so many people at the same time.

Afternoon was as usual - not so inspiring.

Meanwhile my kid her smashed her little finger while slamming the door and she was very cranky about it.  Then after a long time, I had a 1 hour chat with my family doctor Dr. VS in my native. We spoke a lot of topics: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Books, our past time activity LBP (Little Birds Park) and every day practices.

Evening Raj Tv was broadcasting Idhayathai Thirudaadhae, a masterpiece by Manirathnam. I watched some part of it. Then we went to 9th block to buy some medicine, while returning a 2 wheeler came in the wrong direction and bruised against my car. We went to Saibaba temple with family and back home

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