Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Saturday (21 Nov 2009)

I could only yawn with Airtel announcing 60p roaming charges and other telecom news where mobile number portability can happen for just Rs.13.  I went to Airtel to convert one of the postpaid connections to prepaid. But decided to retain for some more time after understanding what the other telecom players will bring in. I also enquired about Airtel's plans for wireless broadband. Looks like Airtel will unveil new packages sometime by December end giving competition to Reliance and Tata Indicomm. (But I will never encourage going to Tata Indicomm's internet services no matter what. I have enough bad experiences with them)

Call police (100) to complain about the roadside pirated CD sales and books sales on the Jayanagar 3rd Block. The lady attender spoke kannadish English and asked repeated questions on details. She said she would immediately send the police to take action. I waited in shade for about 15 minutes to check if police was coming. I called her again and got a docket number. Yet to check the status.  The piracy is happening in the city even when the police is doing rounds on the road!  There is one in front of the Airtel office, Jayanagar.  Is any public bothered to inform?  I saw more learned, educated folks buying the 'best seller' books and the CDs.

Airtel cable laying guys had dug a huge pit on the footpath in front of an apartment. A car which usually parked on the footpath fell into it. I was happy that he would never park on the footpath again. But what about the pedestrians. I followed up with Airtel, Corporation...the pit was open for two days. I logged a complaint on BBMP's new website Spandana(see link), and also followed with JP Nagar executive engineer. The pit is temporarily filled.  After several followups, I could also reach the Airtel engineer Velu. He was not apologestic but was full of excuses and justified that he had filled the pit temporarily due to rain. I asked him why he first of all dug it when there was rain. He claimed he was the boss. Wondering how to take this issue further. These people lack sense.

My traffic police friends have made the footpath very clean that BBMP vehicles are not parked there any more.

The 9th Cross road has been now dumped with stones for road laying, a sign that some contractor has grown rich by several lakhs. There is also a lot of silt dump on the side road, an "intelligent" by the corporation done only during the rainy days. (They dump all the filth into the drainage regularly. And then get separate budget to desilt or reconstruct a drainage)

The day coincided with "Anniyan" movie on the TV where in the hero confesses "I get angry on every small wrong practices in the society".

The previous night I had a dream where I saw "a bowl full of Sambhar floating with dead fishes; How much ever I fished them out, I always saw more fishes. Someone had neglected those fishes while tapping the water".  I told my mom about the dream, she said that I was going to make a lot of money.  But dream interpretation guide warns me of "loss of wealth through dire calamity"  (see link).  I will post the results no matter what :-)

My 7-year old nephew Avaneesh at Delhi is not well that he is down with Typhoid for the past few days. I am hoping that he would recover soon and back to his mischievousness.

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