Sunday, November 22, 2009

Forces that rule us

I am struck by the thought we are ruled by certain forces: Religious, Spiritual and Inner Forces.

Religious forces - These are man made and what made sense in some context is senseless for the rest of the ages. But the followers take religion as their identity and live and die for it.  We have certainly control over these forces.

Spiritual forces - Spiritual is not same as God. May be its opposite. I believe in spiritual forces that do the weave the entire world. Nobody would have thought of the electricity till we saw the electric forces in action. Electric force is invisible, cannot be felt, but it activates. Same with spiritual force. That's exactly is God. God does not wear colourful dress and a crown, with garlands, and bunch of sweets and fruits in front of him. I find it absurd why I am still stuck there. We have certainly control over these forces.

Inner Forces -  All our inner forces - good and bad - results of our thoughts, experiences, hormone activities - low and high, lifestyle,  something which we can streamline with lots of discipline.  My dream of dead fishes have no relevance until I really understand the reason. We have certainly control over these forces.

See, we have control over all these forces. Life is to live.

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