Sunday, November 29, 2009

In Gossip Mood

I wonder why do people gossip. Last week, somehow I caught in theme of 'gossips'. Some of my friends always carried gossips - and latest updates of celebrities that I would hear without blinking. I would liked a film actor or actress, but my friend would immediately share something that make me think the actor was no more worth 'celebrity'. Some of the friends had that 6 degrees of separation (see link). They lived in the area where the celebrities lived; or friend's friends would have contacts in the celebrities circle.  Also, weekly magazines like Vikatan (இதை படிக்காதீங்க முதல்ல) and குமுதம் (16 பக்கம் பர பர)  always carried a column "Do not read this" .  Above all investigative journals also have plenty of news about corrupted politicians. The website is one website that carry gossips which are mostly true.My gossip gene is activated that makes me believe no one is great.

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Why do people gossip?

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