Saturday, November 14, 2009

Its My Saturday (14-Nov-20009)

Today is my in-laws 29th wedding anniversary. We had planned to visit Raja Rajeshwari Temple. This temple is close to my inlaws hearts always - reason provided later in the blog. The traffic on the road was better but the roadsense of our people are not better. Pedestrians, 2-wheelers, autos, tempos - almost everybody used some logic or no logic to interfere on somebody's path.

The Banshankari's roads have steeps and lows that learners will sure to find it difficult to drive.

The Raja rajeshwari's temple, like a developing city, is undergoing gopuram work. A board boasted of 5 crores investment for the gopuram development. I was thinking 'wow' but isnt there a commercial behind it? Does India, especially South India  need so many temples and adoration for temples?  When I visit certain temples, I donot get instant bhakthi. I certainly moved from religious to spiritual. Good theme for another blog entry.

There were two or three displays requesting to switch off the mobiles. But, I could hear the familiar Airtel tune from one of the pujari's cell.

My in-laws belong to Pattamangalam, an under developed remote village, 70 kms away from Madurai. The village remains under developed, because several people from village are working in the other countries like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia. The Raja Rajeshwari temple's architecture, sculptures are the hand works of the sculptors from Pattamanagalam. This is #1 reason why in-laws regard this close to heart. Another reason is some of the pujari's are known to my inlaws and my father.

We got a special entry. Why do temples give special entries? My father started a social networking by giving references to various other uncles and aunties that made the pujari very happy.

Inside the temple's campus, there is a water tank where people throw coins and currencies. There are also peacocks, love birds, rabbits, parrots that attract the kids. But plenty of water is being wasted inside through leaking water tubes and tanks are being cleaned. A lots of polythene bags are being used for prasadam's. Can Goddess Raja Rajeshwari help in saving Mother Nature?  We also visited Nimishamba temple.

Afternoon, solar water heater marketing person visited me. He did not have better plan for provisioning solar water heaters for the entire apartment. We did not want the water heater to occupy the terrace space. We have asked for a proposal so that the space and aesthetics are taken care.

I also spoke to my new traffic police friends regarding the footpath encroachments. They were too busy with weekend traffics.  (Its 200% coincidence: Mr.Anilkumar messaged me just now that one goods-auto parked on the footpath has been removed and taken to police station). Read my previous blog entry.

My colleague called me to say that tomorrow we would visit and one of the resorts on the BIA (Bangalore International Airport) road to spend time with our customer.

Just received Ananta Vikatan. (Planning to review Vikatan and Kumudham starting this week) 

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