Saturday, January 23, 2010

Republic Day Celebration

India celebrates Republic Day on 26th January. 

Unfortunately, patriotism and terrorism are always spoken together. Terror attacks are 'expected' on the republic day. Defence Minister says (link) that India should be prepared to face more attacks. Who would come out to celebrate? We would rather have our eyes glued to the television programmes - full of movie toasts.

Today's newspaper was full of sales offer advertisements - 'Republic day offers'. For a man like me with compulsive buying habits, staying back at home is the only therapy recommended.

Tuesday is a national holiday and Monday has been taken for granted for a vacation to have a long weekend.  Feburary would be a dry month without any holidays.

Again coming back to patriotism, looks like some 75000 police will be deployed to protect the nation. Our city railway station does not have basic protection; what are they going to protect?  For that particular day, our trains will have armed polices. Poor deployment of technology also another drawback of ours. And think of our politicians, and other big shots who sponsor the terrorism directly or indirectly.  And politicians like Bal Thackeray very strongly believe (see link) "the remote control of politics" is with them.

When I read History and Geography, I did not get to know about politics so much, because both newspaper and TV were not common. 

But now, that 'breaking news' flashing every now and then of all the negative news around us, what would be the young generation would think of India?  Is that the reason, they fly outside the country?

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