Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Indian Medicine

Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine practice, is greatest gift of our times. But unfortunately, we are looking for quick results for our physical problems which is available from the modern medicine. Even, the South Indian food specialities - Saambar, Rasam, and every other side dishes have an element of Ayurvedic essence in it. But since the knowledge was hidden, every new generation always turned towards modern medicine.

Kerala, has become the center of Ayurvedic medicine and practices. Every Ayurvedic center in Bangalore have the Ayurvedic treatment people from Kerala.

Ayurveda is very powerful, though slightly slow. Both Ayurveda and English medicine can complement each other. I find Panchakarma treatment very helpful, though costlier.

But given the current conditions, Ayurveda has not deep-rooted for the lower middle class and the poor community. Probably, it is available to them in the form of Muslims treating in their localities.

Ayurveda can be more popularised, less commercialised and affordable.

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