Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010: First 10 days

The First week (just 3 days) and the second week just swifted past. What did I do? I think these first 10 days were foggy - I did not mean the climate, the beginning was too lazy. But I have my goals slated separately for each of the areas. 

  • Took my family to a star hotel for the new year treat; its one of the ways, I think, for me to thank them.

  • Added two nice pink drapes to the hall

  • Gifted my mentor with some good titles on his birthday; he was excited. I am glad that I am able to be in touch with him

  • I went in full swing to support my role in the apartment association as the security focal. Created guidelines and had a pep talk with the security guards

  • I also made my commitment to the public (my near and dear ones) on my translation effort (8pillars)

  • Career - Anyway I will not be logging anything official here.

  • Finance - The newspaper ad's continue to make me feel guilty. But by not buying things, I am saving a huge money.

  • Cleared several clutters at home. Will continue to bank on it.

  • Could not do much to my living area - JP Nagar - as my contact numbers are stuck with my blackberry that is under repair. I continue to see the garbage(with loads of polythene), traffic signals do not have amber-to-green, street lights on in slum area, pedestrian cross yet to put up; will take up things when my contact numbers are available to me back.

  • My health is getting full % attention from me; in continuation of the detoxification therapy I had the previous week

  • One book that is acting as a guiding force now is 'Man's search for meaning'.  Other one is James Allen's titles.

  • I also learnt to say No when I did not want to say Yes

  • Stopped the security guy from cleaning my car; doing on my own

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  1. It appears doesnot have Tamil.. so your job is really tough man.. keep u the good work !