Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tough 10 days

I had a very tough 10 days; it was very stressful. I think I did a balancing act. My patience, my values, and my sleep everything was tested. I believe I kept my cool.

I was holding to myself with the help of all my life skills - like NLP, Alpha mindset, etc.

I also reminded myself that I have a very big future with all the things I am doing - I do not have the results now; but I have the efforts going now. Yes, I am going strong. With some stressful moments, and sleepless nights, I had body heat, hair fall and boils on my back.

I may be sounding too vague - but I cannot go too public :-)

My blackberry which has all my address book contacts has gone for service. So, I feel slightly hanidcapped.

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