Sunday, January 24, 2010

Health & Fitness Goals

I began this year with detoxified body through Ayurvedic treatment. I get very good sleep whenever my body demands. Unfortunately, the back boils keep erupting, will check with Ayurvedic doctor soon.

Starting this Republic Day, I am going to be a Health Freak. I am planning to regularize few activities in my life:


  • Start my day with meditation and breathing exercises (Balcony)

  • Green Tea (weekdays), Coffee (weekends)

  • Go for a morning walk / jogging

  • A raw protein-egg (branded) everyday (at home)

  • Have a cup of Museli (nuts) (at office)

  • Silva Mind Control exercise before sleep


  • Use of weights for strengthening upper portion of the body

  • Saturdays: Visit office Gym for a 2 hour exercise (5 am to 7 am)


  •  Check BP 


  • Blood Donation

  • Ayurveda Massage

  • Will revisit this plan and rhythm as needed


  • Dental, ENT checkups

  • Detoxification, Rejuvenation treatment


I have found the less-known Google Health website. Every user can profile himself and have all his health information stored on this site. I am planning to scan every record of my family and store it here. Also, doctor's contacts details, emergency contacts etc.  However, some of this services as part of this page not common in India, may be thats why its still Google Beta.

When you see me in April 2010, you will see a fresh, vibrant guy!

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  1. First thing you would need to follow for good health is taking "BATH" every day which neither you nor my husband do.