Saturday, January 9, 2010

12 Focus Finders

In Kumudham weekly, I read about the book "The shark and the goldfish". While searching for the book reviews online, I came across a site (  meant for entrepreneurs. It has a beautiful article on drawing analogy between car driving and business running. It provides list of 12 questions as thinking framework, as focus finders which everyone will be able to appreciate. Those 12 focus finders are here:

    * Where did you begin your journey?

    * What are you driving in? Got your bumper stickers?

    * Who else is in your car?

    * Are you wearing your seat belt? Carrying proper insurance?

    * Checking the rear view mirror?

    * Looking at your side mirrors?

    * Do you have gas in your car?

    * Check your speedometer!

    * Is your check engine light on?

    * The traffic lights are everywhere.

    * Watch the road signs along the way.

    * Are you at your destination?

Click here to visit the article, Article on Focus Finders

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