Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sometimes, I set myself an alarm for 1 am or 2 am just to think on a subject. I know its crazy, but there is a magic behind it. Today -Now - its 1.30 am. I set alarm for 00::45am; but something woke me up at midnight. Then I told myself that I have another 45 minutes. In a semi-sleepy mood, what I saw was nightmarish. I saw two or three non-related subjects getting connected in some fashion. Is it a story spun by the neurons or by the cosmic forces? or that of a tired brain?  Those unrelated things - my old friend - my colleagues - a movie actor - a neighbour's in law - police - another movie actor - my father, my kid and myself.  Wondering, if I could dig to see whats happening at the subconscious level?

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