Monday, January 11, 2010

Struggling with what I procrasinate...

I am recording the minutes that spanned from months to weeks to minutes on a certain task I am hating to do. Because I hate, I procrastinate. I try everything else other than that task - watch cricket, read books, visit loo repeatedly, play with my kid, eat snacks, surf regular websites, read more news, write-check mails, and so on. I disrupt my sleeping pattern, just allowing myself to be literally not-sleeping over the task. I donot want to run away from doing it. But I am not perfect at doing that task. Whatever may come, let me face it. But I notice, I get defensive, become calculative, and plan how to handle. Is this the same situation school children would be, which make them ultimately break or speak lies?  Ah, school children! I wish I bring in a system that makes no school children guilty of anything.

Let me march forward!

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