Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Wheelers - Know Your Limits

Bangalore Two Wheelers need a lesson or two. In general, there is no respect for the stop limit and vehicles stop just right o the pedestrian cross. Do we expect pedestrians figure out and manage the 10 seconds they get to cross the road? What if the pedestrian is your parents or your school going children. Here is something annoying I notice very often. The violators are invariably educated, literate people who very would talk about what is not good in this nation. These educated violators set the trend on the road - I have already reached the stop mark. A two wheeler, the trend setter first gets on to the pedestrian cross. He also opportunity to jump the signal if police is not around. Seeing him, follow other two wheelers. Location - its immaterial; its all over in Bangalore.  In case you are curious, its East End Signal, JP Nagar. Feel like screaming - Two Wheelers, Please Know Your Limits

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