Friday, August 3, 2012

Books on Body Safety by Uma Kasi

My sister introduced me to two books on body safety written by Uma Kasi.  One book is written for the kids "Red Light Green Light Body Safety Rules". Another book is meant for the parents serving as a guide. I read these books and started appreciating the content and approach. Its just few pages of material but has a lot of important messages for everyone.

My sister said that the school where her kid studies, distributed these books to the children. Also, there is a teacher in the school who regularly creates awareness on these topics.

I also visited this Hindu article about the author. Here are some highlights.

  • She teaches three magic words: No, Run and Tell (easy to remember for kids on body safety from abusers)
  • She teamed up with her son's teacher Elizabeth Becker to write books for parents and children on body safety.
  • She says if kids feel "mad, sad, scared and embarrassed", its time to act.
  • She has tied up with schools for the body safety programme.
I am impressed, and I ordered a few copies of the book from India Plaza. The book is very low cost Rs.92/-. You buy Red Light Green Light book and you get the parent guide book free.

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