Friday, August 3, 2012

State of Mind Is Important for Story Telling

Your state of mind plays a key role to make your story telling effectiveness.
You cannot both engage your child and the electronic gadgets simulataneously (from the effectiveness point of view).
  • Be completely with the kid
  • Till you finish the story, be away from 'your electronic toys'
  • Its your special time with your kid
  • When you tell the story, be one with the story
  • Make the kid feel important by giving your full attention
  • Regard this moment's story telling as a key project and fully focus on it
  • While you tell the story, engage the kid - it helps you stay tuned
  • Be responsible, because your kid is watching, listening

And when you ended the story, your kid should feel that she got the best one out of yours.  So, ensure that your state of mind is perfect for story telling.  Very down-to-earth tip: Be a kid, when you are with your kid!

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